The Top 3 Benefits of Using a Bong vs. Pipe as an Expert Smoker


Thanks to legalization efforts across many states in the country, recreational marijuana use has become somewhat commonplace. However, the practice is not relatively new, seeing as many of us grew up watching close friends, and family members sneak a puff during a social gathering or even experimented with our own circles once or twice. 

It is safe to say that marijuana was popular long before any of us were alive! This popularity, coupled with legalization, has given rise to various forms of cannabis products such as oils, confectioneries, beverages, and the good old-fashioned smoking devices.

Ultimately for those who prefer smoking marijuana, the options lie with either bongs or pipes as smoking tools, but is a bong truly better than a pipe? Let’s find out below.

1. Smoother Smoking Experience

Over time, the pipe has maintained its structure; small and simple, with no obstruction between the bowl and the stem. This results in smokers inhaling smoke directly as the weed burns, which causes a burning sensation in the throat and lungs. The feeling can leave you with a bad cough or a scratchy and irritated throat.

While the bong has upheld its basic principles in terms of functionality, the water chamber has been its major selling point. When the smoke passes through the water, it is cooled and gives off a cool and smooth smoke when inhaled. This makes it easier to smoke a lot more without the discomfort of choking or coughing.

2. Cleaner Smoke from the Bong

When it comes to the quality of smoke, you can hardly compare between the two. Bongs are equipped with water chambers that trap the ash and tar and a splash guard that prevents splashbacks while still giving you a clean rip. This enhances the quality of marijuana smoke.

However, pipes have a short stem and no water chamber, making smoking a very ashy affair at times. If you take in a long drag, you will likely find residues and particles in your mouth, which can be uncomfortable.

3. Bongs Give Larger Rips

Any long-time marijuana smoker will tell you that a big rip is one of the best feelings ever. Since the water filters the smoke, bong rips are more potent, and you will likely need no more than two rips to get high. This is a convenient and cost-effective way of smoking marijuana.

Like other forms of marijuana smoking, pipes consume large amounts of cannabis and take an average of three to four rips to get high off it. This results in more usage of cannabis, making the pipe not very cost-friendly to users.

Go With Bongs Any Day!

From cost-saving to smoother and almost healthier smoking, bongs are clearly a better fit for serious and long-time smokers from cost-saving to smoother and almost healthier smoking. Small factors such as these go a long way into determining a user’s preferences and play into the type of investments made.

If you are yet to use a bong, visit a store today and buy one for a cleaner smoking experience. 


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