Things About Agri Machinery That You Should Know


Agricultural machinery is essential to any agricultural success, and farmers won’t be successful if they don’t know about their machinery! Farmers will find that agricultural machinery is necessary to run their farming business successfully. There are many types of machinery that are used in agriculture, and farmers need to know what each machine does and how it works. The most popular machines include:

Commercial Tractors- 

These tractors are used for plowing, transporting equipment, or hauling crops or feed from the field. These tractors have three-point hitch options and variable speeds. They also have a steering wheel and steering pedals similar to a regular car.

Commercial Combines- 

These combines are used for harvesting grains such as wheat, corn and soybeans. These combine harvesters have a cutting head that cuts the stalks from the corn or soybean plants. It also has a feeder that inserts seeds into the straw to allow them to germinate and grow. These combines also have a hopper to collect the grain as it is being removed by the harvester, which will collect up to 30 bushels of grain per hour.


Herbicides are used for killing weeds with pesticides in farming. Herbal products may be used for killing weeds for crop protection, or for weed control before planting crops. Herbicides are typically composed of one or more synthetic chemicals. Chemical products use a mixture of herbicides to kill the unwanted plants and can be applied either as a water-soluble spray or a wetting agent, which is usually in the form of an emulsion. Other herbicides can be applied in the form of granular products or liquid formulations that are applied to the plant’s foliage where they break down and kill the plant.


These are used for feeding crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton. The chemical fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium to supply these minerals to the plants. These fertilizers can be applied to the soil before planting, or they can be applied to the crops. Some of these fertilizers are also used for improving the soil’s physical properties such as adding organic matter and increasing water retention.


These sprayers use pressure in order to apply pesticides and wetting agents for killing weeds. They can also be used for applying fertilizer, although some kinds of fertilizers are sold as dry granules that don’t need to be mixed with water. The sprayers have an adjustable nozzle that allows users to control how much product is released. Sprayers can be adjusted to apply small amounts of the product or large amounts. They also have a lever that will allow the user to pressurize the tank to apply more of the chemical.

Fruit Pickers- 

These are used for harvesting fruit, such as apples and oranges. They usually have a two-person crew who work together to pick the fruit off of trees in order to prevent damage caused by fruit dropping from branches. The person working inside of the machine will pick apples and oranges from trees while another person stands outside operating the tractor. Fruit pickers also include a conveyer that brings the fruit to the operator.

Seed Planters- 

These planters are used for planting seeds in fields that have already been tilled, and they are designed to plant several seeds at a time. The tractor pulls these machines around the field and plants seed in each hole as it goes, usually dropping four to 12 seeds per hole. The seeding depth is controlled by the operator of the machine, and the tractors can be adjusted as needed to drop different amounts of seeds per hole. The seed planter has a rotating chain that drops seeds into each hole as it passes over them.


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