How To Get People To Know: What Is Chansey Weak Against?

what is chansey weak against

Chansey is a Pokémon species in the game series known as Pokémon. Chansey has high HP and Special Defense, and their Normal-type moves are not very effective against Fighting-type Pokémon, which leaves Chansey weak against Fighting-types. What Is Chansey Weak Against? Chansey is especially weak against fighting-type Pokemon. The best Pokemon you can use to counter Chansey are Lucario, Conkeldurr, Breloom, Machamp, and Blaziken.  There are two reasons why Chansey is weak against Fighting-types. 

The first reason is that Chansey’s Normal-type:

Moves don’t do much against Fighting-types in the first place. Only one of Chansey’s Normal-type moves, Belly Drum, does anywhere near as much damage as a fighting move—and even that isn’t very effective at all! And the most recent versions of Pokémon have made it so that other Normal-type moves aren’t very effective either.

The second reason is more subtle:

Because Fighting is so useful against Fighting-types, fighting-type Pokémon is a lot more common than it used to be. This means that Chansey is really weak against fighting-type Pokémon, even if it happens to be weak against Fighting-types in the first place. For example, Lucario and Conkeldurr are Fighting-types and are immune to Normal, so they don’t care about Chansey at all.

Teach Chansey Skill Swap

This is the most obvious way to counter Chansey. You can’t teach Chansey Skill Swap in Pokémon X & Y or Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, but it’s available in all other generations of Pokémon games. It’s an excellent move because it allows you to switch out any Pokémon that has fainted, allowing you to keep a healthy team for a long time. If you want more details about how this works, be sure to read our guide on how skill swap works.

Teach Chansey Amnesia Attack

Chansey is weak against Fighting-types, so this is another obvious way to counter Chansey. Amnesia Attack will allow Chansey to attack before it switches out, which will make it much easier for you to weaken it and force a switch. This strategy is especially useful because most of the fighting moves do little damage, so you won’t have a hard time defeating Chansey with Amnesia Attack alone.

Use Dragonite or Blaziken to attack!

One of the most effective ways you can use to defeat Chansey (and other Pokemon who are weak against Fighting-types) is by using Dragonite or Blaziken. Both of these powerful and hard-to-find Pokemon are strong against Chansey, and they can be found in the wild fairly early on in both Pokémon X&Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Dragonite is faster than Chansey, so it will cause more damage to it; while Blaziken can learn Earthquake, which will do MASSIVE damage to Chansey. If you have time to train your Pokemon, use one of these powerful fighters!

Use a Pursuit user

A Pursuit user is a Pokemon that knows the move Pursuit. This move allows the attacking Pokémon to hit any fleeing foe (except Ghosts) with a boosted attack as soon as they try to switch out. Now, Chansey is weak against Fighting-type Pokémon, so this is just what you need. A Pursuit user will do a lot of damage to Chansey with a boosted attack as soon as it tries to switch out. Just make sure that the opponent doesn’t use their turn to KO or get rid of the Pursuit user with a strong move like Superpower or Megahorn!

Use A Pokemon With Bullet Punch

Bullet Punch is a move that allows the attacking Pokémon to hit any foe with boosted damage as it tries to switch out. It does have a drawback, though. The attacking Pokémon can’t switch out for the rest of its turn if it uses Bullet Punch. So you will still have to use another Pokemon to attack if you want to get rid of Chansey for good, but it should do a lot of damage before Chansey can switch out.

Use A Pokemon with Fake Out

Chansey is a fairly slow Pokemon, so if you manage to get an opponent’s Chansey down to 1 HP and they try to switch out, they’ll take damage from Fake Out first! Fake Out causes the target Pokémon to flinch and be unable to attack during their next turn.


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