Word Stack : List Of Word What Rhymes With Villain & Meanings

what rhymes with villain

What Rhymes with Villain are the different words shown in this blog post with their meanings. This blog has been created to help you find different words that rhyme with villain and their meanings.

Penicillin :

Meaning : A medication that is extracted from a bacterium. It is in the penicillin family. It is used to treat bacterial diseases.

Example : “Bacteria have become resistant to penicillin. Many children have died of penicillin-resistant infections.”

Religion :

Meaning : A personal set of beliefs. Religion is the belief in a god or gods, dependent on which belief system is practiced.

Example : “People go to religion classes to learn about their religion.”

Million :

Meaning : The number that is represented by the numeral one followed by six zeros. This number is equal to one thousand thousand.

Example : “Two million people are in the American Psychological Association.”

Bouillon :

Meaning : A spicy fish soup that is usually made with rouille (a red paste of raw beef and spices). In France it is often used to add a special take to dishes.

Example : “In this bouillon, the onion rouille mixture is added before serving.”

Dhillon :

Meaning : A Punjabi family name. This family is also known as Dhalleena in the Punjab. The origin of this name is from village Dhilwan in the district of Sheikhupura.

Example : “The Dhillon family is well respected in the Sikh community.”

Pavilion :

Meaning : A small pavilion that is used to shelter guests.

Example : “The city has a number of small pavilions for tourists.”

Vanillin :

Meaning : An organic compound that is ethyl vanillin, which is derived from the vanilla plant. It is used in perfumes, flavors, and food to simulate that taste of vanilla.

Example : “Vanillin is often used in desserts to give the taste of vanilla.”

Mcquillin :

Meaning : A family name. This family was also known as Macquillin in Ireland and Mackeylin in Scotland.

Example : “He is from a well-known Mcquillin family.”

Chillin’ :

Meaning : To be tranquil or relaxed.

Example : “It was nice to chill.”

Killin’ :

Meaning : To kill.

Example : “The robber killed the woman.”

Aspergillin :

Meaning : A medication that is derived from the aspergillus niger fungus. It is used to treat infections caused by certain types of parasites.

Example : “Aspergillin is a chemotherapy drug. It can be used to kill fungus.”

Quillin’ :

Meaning : To be nice or kind.

Example : “She was quillin’ to her friends.”

Elgin :

Meaning : A town in Scotland where the British Empire began. It was named after Scottish Earl William Elgin, who bought the port of Alexandria in Egypt. He renamed it Port Said and opened a trade center there for British merchants. The city is now known as El-Gouna, which means “the harbor”. The city has grown into a culturally important tourist destination and attracted tourists from around the globe. The city also had a population of about 400 000 people as of 2009.

Example : “She was born in Elgin, Scotland.”

Embelin’ :

Meaning : To be adventurous or daring.

Example : “You’ll have to embelin’ to do such a thing.”

Relin’ :

Meaning : To be nice or kind to someone. Relin’ is a variation on the word ‘relate’. It means you are relating to someone in a positive manner. In other words, you are showing kindness or being nice. For example, if someone insults you, then you relate back to them that it wasn’t cool of them to insult you in that manner. This is also known as “relating back”.

Example : “I like her because she is always relin’ to me.”

Pavin’ :

Meaning : To be kind or nice to someone. Pavin’ is a variation of the word ‘pave’. In this case, it means you are paving a positive path for someone. For example, if someone is angry at you, then your goal would be to pave a positive path back to them so they don’t see you as being hostile towards them. In other words, pave the way for peace and harmony between yourself and the person you are relating back to.

Example : “She was pavin’ her boyfriend when he was upset.”


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