Why can’t you find a job for a long time?


Career consultants are often confronted with the query, “I can’t find a job for a long time, what should I do?”. The question is simple enough at first glance. There is a search algorithm, many articles have been published – take it and do it. But there are still no job offers.

What to do? How to choose an algorithm of actions? Who can help in finding a job? We will try to describe all the necessary steps and explain their benefits.

Assess your level of competence.

First of all, it is worth assessing your level of skills, personal characteristics. How they relate to the position, you are aiming for. Are you in line with the company, its values? What are your prospects? It often happens that there is no reflected goal, and understanding. In this case, you must improve your skills a lot and your career goals.

Select positioning.

When the understanding comes and the goal is highlighted, you can ask yourself: Do I have the advantages over other candidates? Formulate what advantages you have, how you are valuable for the market segment as a whole. This will give you an understanding of how many chances you have to find your perfect position.

Improve your resume.

Now you can think about your resume – your business card, reflecting all your strengths, achievements, skills, and professional competencies. Check whether your request corresponds to the labor market today, how to describe personal characteristics adequately, etc.

Analyze failures.

There is a goal, and there is a summary; what’s next? You have posted your resume on a job website, then waiting for responses, looking for companies, applying for vacancies, but the result is still not what you expected. 

Connect networking.

Do your former colleagues, friends, or partners know that you are looking for a job? Do they have your resume? Can they share it and recommend you? Networking is one of the most important components of a successful job search. Waste your time wisely, attend different specialized events, and exhibitions because they are also a great place to exchange contacts.

Do not forget about internships.

Yes, everybody wants to find the best job, but it is not easy to do it. So try applying for internships, especially for paid ones. You can gain experience, and you can earn money. Sometimes a company, where you work as an intern may offer you a job after the internship.

Each stage can slow down your job search. But it is not only employers that affect the effectiveness of employment; external factors should not be underestimated.

One of the most important is the demand in the labor market for specialists. If you are a top manager, the job search can take from two months to a year. It is easier for ordinary specialists, especially for successful sales managers. 

If you still can’t find a job for a long time, think about what other industries you may be interested in. Seek help from career counselors, or psychologists. After all, each consultation is an exchange of information, energy, thoughts, and goals. And as a final product – a phased strategic action plan under the guidance of an expert. 


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