a food handler who was called away while preparing a bowl of fruit,


Half-Baked Fruit: Stockpiling Can Help Ever found yourself in a situation where you were preparing food and had to run out of the kitchen for an emergency? If so, then you are not alone. In fact, it happens all the time! What do you do when this happens? One option is to finish cooking everything as quickly as possible before your absence becomes detrimental. Another option is to stockpile ingredients that can be used while you’re not present. That’s right, even if they’ve been cut up or diced into small pieces – fruit often benefits from being put in the refrigerator for later use! To do this, start by making an assembly line. A cutting board is placed at the end of the counter with a knife next to it and then bowls or containers are lined up in front of them filled with fruit that will be used when needed but can also stay out until they’re ready to use. The order in which you cut your fruit doesn’t really matter – just remember not to overcrowd any one container because it might brown or get soft from being too closely stacked together! If you don’t have time for all this now, place your prepared fruit into some air-tight bags and freeze them flat on a tray so when they defrost they’ll still be sliced evenly (and save room!). If there’s anything


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