a gas has a volume of 590 ml at a temperature of –55.0°c. what volume will the gas occupy at 30.0°c,


How much is 590 milliliters? It’s a lot. That’s how many milliliters are in the volume of gas at an average temperature of –55°C. But what about if you were to convert that number to Fahrenheit, or even Kelvin? Remembering all the different conversions for scientific quantities can be difficult, but luckily there are some great online tools available to help make your life easier! How much is the volume of gas at an average temperature of –55°C? According to Google’s calculator, it equals approximately 290.42 milliliters (mL). The same amount as the number we calculated before! Now let’s use that conversion tool I was talking about and see what happens when you convert the gas’ volume from Celsius to Fahrenheit: now there are a little over 400 mL in this container at 30°C. That means if your original question had been “what volume will the gas occupy at 300 degrees?” then there would be around 490 mL in said container given those conditions. The takeaway here is that converting scientific quantities can be confusing, but so long as you keep track of which conversions are needed for


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