Gifts That Bring Joy to Art Lovers


Do you know someone who is a great art lover and don’t know what to give him as gifts? If you want him to feel that you care and are aware of his love for the arts, you must provide them with something “art-related”.

There are many things available on the market that they will appreciate and enjoy having, but the best gift you can give an art lover is a painting. And if it is a custom portrait painting, it will be appreciated more.  

A custom portrait painting or custom portrait drawing will bring your art-loving friend or family member joy every time it is looked at. 

Who Or What Should be Depicted in the Portrait?

Who or what should be the portrait’s subject will be determined by your relationship with the person who will receive the gift. For example, some of your friends or family members will appreciate a portrait of you, while others will enjoy a portrait of themselves.

Your friends would especially appreciate custom portraits of themselves if the painting depicts a special occasion such as a 21st birthday, wedding anniversary, or graduation day. Then, when they look at the painting, they will constantly be reminded of the special occasion.

Sometimes a portrait painting or a custom portrait drawing with you and the gift receiver can be appropriate. For example, it might be a portrait with the two of you on holiday or visiting a special place. If the gift receiver has a favorite pet, it could be a great idea to present the person with a portrait of them with the pet.

What Are the Pros of Giving A Portrait As A Gift?

If the gift receiver is an art lover and perhaps even collecting paintings, a portrait as a gift will be appreciated. At present, when photos and memorable moments are very prevalent, an actual portrait painting will express to your friend or family member how much you care.

Receiving a portrait will make it an occasion your friend will never forget for the rest of their life. Your present will mean much more than an ordinary gift – it will create a memory for life.

Unlike many “normal” other gifts, a painted portrait is not limited to a girlfriend or boyfriend. Instead, it is a special gift to one of your art-loving friends, and people of all age brackets will treasure your painting gift. 

After all, what you are gifting is a thoughtful portrait – an artwork reflects much more – it reflects a feeling. Unfortunately, many gifts are often either used and then forgotten or stored away. In most instances, a painting or drawing will hang on the recipient’s wall or be placed in a prominent place. 

Painting Custom Portraits from Photos

Let’s take a scenario- there is no studio or individual artist in your locality, or you want to include the person who will receive the gift in the custom portraits from photos. In that case, the easiest route is to find a studio or artist who creates painting custom portraits from photos

You place your order online when you’ve decided on the studio or artist you want to use. Then, you have to upload your photos and send them online to the studio or artist to order.

The studio/artist will create a digital mock-up and send it to you for approval. If you are not satisfied, you can request the artist edit the image. After you’ve approved the final digital version, the artist will picture paint your portrait. 

Upon completion of the masterpiece, the artist will send you a digital photo of the portrait, and if you are satisfied, the custom portrait paintings will be delivered to you or to the person you want to surprise with the gift. 

Creating the Portrait with Sittings

If you want to include your friend in the portrait, you can’t arrange for sittings with a painter to create the portrait – it is supposed to be a gift surprise!

However, if you will present your friend with a portrait of yourself, you can arrange for sittings. Your very first step is to find a reputable artist or studio that you can trust to create an excellent painting. It is always better to find a studio or artist relatively near you because more than one sitting will usually be needed. 

This is the way many artists prefer. Meeting you in person and then having the opportunity to study you during sittings helps them establish the picture’s ” feeling. ” When you are personally communicating with the studio or artist, it is also easier to discuss some aspects like the picture painted to be used. The artist can assist in deciding whether it should be an oil or a watercolor painting or perhaps a pencil drawing.  

Aspects to Remember When Ordering A Portrait Painting.

Whether the painting is done with sittings or from photos, you have to arrange detail regarding the following questions with the artist or studio: 

  • What must be in the portrait, and what “feeling” must the painting convey to your friend?
  • What must be the composition in the portrait?
  • Do you need only the custom portrait canvas or just the artist or studio provide it to you as a framed painting?
  • What medium must be used – for instance, oil, watercolor, pencil?
  • What size should the canvas be? 
  • What type of frame should be used if you want it framed? 

Paint Your Photograph with An App

If you want to gift painted portraits to your art-loving friends or family members but don’t have the budget to pay for a studio or artist to create the painting for you, you can create your own painting with an app. In a way, this is a DIY “paint my photograph” project. 

You can create a very professionally-looking painting if you use the right app. You must just make sure that you can print the final “painting” from the app. You want the outcome to be a painting, not only a digital image. 

When printed, you can frame the printed image, and it will look just as nice as an original painting and will be an ideal gift for an art lover. 


If you want to present a very personal and unique gift to your art-loving friend or family member, few things can be more creative, unique, and personal than a custom portrait.


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