These days, 92 per cent marks in English would be considered as average marks. This is because marks in English have moved to 98 percent and beyond – with some students scoring clean and unheard of, 100 percent marks.

Students aiming to secure high marks in the exams can study and refer to NCERT books, which is the best reference book for any student who can rely on it. students are advised to practise on a regular basis which helps them in building time management skills. NCERT books help students in understanding the topics and also help in answering all the questions freely. students can attend NCERT Class 4 English books and download the answers, which are available online and can use it for future reference also.

The NCERT books and NCERT solutions for Class 4 explain all the concepts and generalizations in a simple way with the help of interesting concepts like stories, exercise, examples and pictures. The set of questions given after the completion of every concept helps to solve the problem of unraveling know-how among students. NCERT results are designed by multiple subject experts according to the understanding reach of students to help them freely grasp the generalizations and clear all their doubts. The use of appropriate concepts and simple explanations makes these NCERT solutions favorable for all students to deliver their best performance in the annual examinations.

Students can perform in their academics by practising the NCERT books and solutions. The solutions are formulated by the expert faculty having vast knowledge about the subject. The result module comprises pictorial representation for students to understand the generalizations really freely. With the help of NCERT solutions for Class 4 English, students can practise a wide variety of questions, which helps in gaining further knowledge and making a good grip over the subject. solutions to all the chapters from the Marigold book have been covered presently. Experts have simplified the solutions for students to grasp the stereotypes freely.

Where can I download NCERT Answers for Class 4 English?

The NCERT solutions for Class 4 English can be referred and downloaded online from NCERT portal. Expert professors team has delivered detailed answers for all the questions available within the NCERT book for class 4 English after conducting an enormous research on the concepts as per the latest CBSE guidelines.

How does NCERT book for Class 4 English help pupils in their exam preparation?

The main aim of designing the answers is to promote abstract knowledge among all students. The answers are formulated by the subject experts with utmost care to help students understand the concepts in a clear manner which in turn help the students in their examination preparation.

How to read the NCERT books more effectively?

These are some of the important systems which must be followed while reading the NCERT books in an effective manner

  •  Read each subject fully by understanding the meaning and significance of each line involved in that particular subject.
  •  Wherever you find any subject complex or ticklish to understand, take help from your preceptor to clear the skepticism.
  • Note down the valuable stuff to revise at the time of examination.
  • Work all the exercise questions given at the end of each chapter. These questions aren’t only important for examination but are also essential for understanding the stereotypes in a better way.

Benefits of using NCERT Class 4 English Results:

These are the some benefits of using NCERT books

  • Lenient Language

Most of the students trust NCERT books for their test mixture due to its simple and easy to understand language. Fair all the students appearing for CBSE examination prefer going through the results supplied. It’s easier to understand and prepares one for proximate tests which is necessary for a student.

  •  Quality Writing

The books from the content publisher of NCERT are written by professionals trained in their field of education. The study matters are adequately explored and checked to embark on a promising result to students. This fact makes the books trusty and of high quality.

  •  Practice Questions

Many toppers claim the hypothesis behind their excellent score is practice, so NCERT books prepare their chapters to support the practice culture. Each chapter in the books comes with questions and exercises for students to revise. These questions are in the form of quizzes, puzzles, pictures, etc. to hold the interest of children.

It’s undeniable that professionals generally prefer NCERT books, but it’s no harm in bearing to other sources. There are multiple online sources helping students learn the chapters through live classes. Students can also lean towards different escort books and study stuff available in the demand and start exploring the field of knowledge.

  • Saves a lot of time

Because the NCERT books are written in really understandable and easy language, they save a lot of students time in preparing for the tests. These books allow the students to grasp difficult and complex chapters and subjects fast and rather freely.

 Class-4 English Book-Marigold

English is the warp of communication in the present world, which makes it vital to have proficiency in it from an early age. NCERT’s Marigold book for class 4 compiles poems written by great poets embarking readings of great value to the students.

The poems like Alice in Wonderland, Don’t be terrified of the dark, Hiawatha, Pinocchio and others help the students learn the complexity of the English language as well as learn new words and idioms in the process. Either, there are exercises resting on rudiments and senses to help students polish their communication skills. Through a thorough reading, the students can learn to form rulings and master new words and meaning.


You should make notes of NCERT books while preparing for tests. You need to revise the whole syllabus in a shorter time. Notes prove to be of great help while preparing for the exams. So, while preparing a chapter from NCERT book, it’s essential to note down all the important terms, renderings and formulae in the form of revised notes.


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