7 Shocking Facts About BigCommerce

big commerce

BigCommerce is the world’s largest cloud-based platform for businesses of any size. It provides everything from turnkey solutions that include e-commerce and website development to a full range of business-to-business services. They help small businesses—and even individuals—build their own online presence, sell goods on eBay, manage listings on Amazon, and more.see more

It’s hard to imagine how much better it could get for small business owners. Others may have greater resources than you do: international reach, more clients or customers with the ability to spend money or advertise your goods internationally, etc. But you can still be successful. 

Here are 7 Shocking Facts About BigCommerce :

1. It’s the World’s Largest Cloud Based Ecommerce Platform

With over 4 million active customers worldwide, BigCommerce is the largest ecommerce platform in the world. It powers a wide range of sites: bigcommerce.com, marketplace.bigcommerce.com and its subdomains, buybigcommerce.com and some others on behalf of eBay sellers who choose to use it for their storefronts. 

BigCommerce also offers an API that allows anyone to create their own site or store using its software, with over 200 developers already doing just that . You can even use BigCommerce self-service tools to build an e-store from scratch .

2. BigCommerce was Founded in 2008

BigCommerce was founded in 2008 by CEO, Margaret Reed. When Margaret took on the role of CEO, BigCommerce became the first company to release an affiliate marketing program specifically for e-commerce . In 2012, BigCommerce raised $20 million from Benchmark Capital and our most recent round of financing brought the total venture funding to $60 million . 

They’ve been able to make all this money by addressing pain points that their customers experience: for example, we’ve built a global payments platform that accepts more than 150 different payment methods (including Apple Pay) and can be set up quickly for new online businesses .

3. BigCommerce Has Over 300 Employees Worldwide

BigCommerce has over 300 employees! The closest office to where I live is in Austin, TX. Their headquarters are in San Antonio, TX , but they also have offices in London and Sydney . What’s awesome is that they don’t need physical offices because it’s all done online – even meeting with the CEO Margaret Reed who is based in San Antonio, TX! Because of the fact that they are online and have offices all around the world, it’s very common to be able to talk to someone on the other side of the world at any time of day or night . More information about BigCommerce can be found on their website .

4. BigCommerce Has a Great Culture

It’s no secret that BigCommerce has a great culture . From the bottom up and from the top down, everyone at BigCommerce loves their job and loves building this company together. We have one of the best perks in Austin: we have our own office dog! You can actually learn about some of the other great benefits here , but I personally like that they’re constantly trying to improve upon what they already have.

 For example, when I started working at BigCommerce over a year ago, they had just launched a new campus , which is where all of our offices are located (also known as The Nest). We did not have Wi-Fi in the office, but it was something that we were all very proud of . We told them that if there were any issues with streaming video to our devices, we would want them to address it as quickly as possible . Today, I can stream any show or movie on my phone, but only if I use the BigCommerce app – which isn’t bad for a company that makes over $1 Billion a year .

5. BigCommerce Works With a Wide Range of Vendors

BigCommerce works with many different vendors in order to provide the best service possible. Some examples include; Dell , Adobe and Magento. When you work with BigCommerce, you’ll be able to buy a wide range of products from anywhere in the world . You’ll find everything from the largest businesses to small start-ups on this platform . 

6. BigCommerce is also one of the only vendors

BigCommerce is also one of the only vendors that can support any type of seller, including sellers who don’t have a storefront (such as individuals selling items on Facebook Marketplace or eBay) as well as those who have a storefront. This means you can use BigCommerce to sell your own items right away – and keep using your current merchant account until it needs updating so that you maintain relationships with your existing credit card company and banks.

7. BigCommerce is Used by More Than 250,000 Small Businesses

We have over 250,000 small businesses on our platform – which is great! They are able to grow their businesses by selling more and they are able to generate more revenue because their websites are mobile friendly and because they can take advantage of the power that BigCommerce provides. 


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