a material as hard as steel is not elastic.,


Steel is harder than elastic. The material steel is the hardest of all metals, and it has a hardness scale rating of “1” on Mohs’ hardness scale. The material rubber, which can be stretched to many times its original length, has a hardness scale rating of “0.” Material properties are what allow an object to be used for a specific purpose. They determine whether the material will withstand wear and tear, or if it will break with even minimal pressure from its surroundings. Steel is tough enough that it can withstand significant amounts of force without breaking . Rubber’s elasticity makes it perfect for applications like bicycle tires because they need give in order to move smoothly over surfaces. Steel has great strength when exposed to tension forces (pulling) while rubber does not have any strength against tensile forces (pushing). In addition, steel has good compression resistance which means that objects made out of steel won’t deform easily under heavy loads. This property also allows steel bridges and buildings to remain standing strong after years of being


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