A scientist who classifies organisms is called a _____?


What does it mean to classify organisms?

A scientist who classifies organisms is called a taxonomer. Taxonomy is the branch of biology that deals with the classification of living things. The goal of biologists in this field is to understand how and why species are related by looking at their similarities and differences, as well as where they live.

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In this blog post, we will discuss an organism classifier: who we are? What is the point of this blog post? Classification is important because it helps biologists study and understands how we are related to one another. A taxonomer, for example, can classify a plant as an erythronium or not based on its similarities with other plants.

Further classification will be done by dividing organisms into kingdoms (Animalia, fungi), phyla (Arthropoda), classes (insects), orders/families (moths) before looking at species level differences like speciation in butterflies. How does this help us? By understanding how lifeforms relate to one another and their traits through classifications, scientists can better predict what might happen when two different species come together.


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