Improve your safety with the help of Telematics Systems


Telematics is now available every day. There are two main types of telematics: active and passive. Active is the transmission of data from a receiver to an outside location or device, often in real-time mode, while passive receive information without transmitting it (or only transmits on request). The advancement of technology has led us into an era where we can now have access to both communication systems that connect people across vast distances as well as those that allow drivers who might be too far away from their homes to still monitor what’s going on there at any time they please.

One of the most common types of active telematics right now is automotive telematics. It can be found in vehicles that are equipped with systems or other types of built-in GPS systems. With these types of systems, drivers can always keep track of their route and how far they’ve gone from their homes, and even more importantly, be able to get help in the case that they are involved in a car accident. Even if a driver cannot call for help by themselves, they can still push a button that will enable them to give their location as well as contact emergency crews (or whoever else is on their emergency contact list). This type of technology allows individuals who may have been out all night or partaking in activities that may render them unable to make it home on time or completely unaware that they need to get home right away.

Many people have taken advantage of this technology to avoid being held accountable for things that could have happened while they were out partying with friends or doing whatever else it was they were doing. There is also an altogether different type of passive top telematics manufacturer used by people in the transportation industry.

Since 2001, there have been many revolutionary changes and innovations in the telematics sector, especially with the advent of smartphones and other mobile devices that can now be utilized for a variety of different reasons. Passively collecting information is something that is already being done by businesses across the world like insurance companies. Telematics is also used to track down stolen vehicles or identify which vehicles are not complying with certain regulations and policies. This type of telematics comes in many different forms and can be utilized by individuals as well as private businesses depending on what kind of data they are looking to receive from their various systems.

There are several different types of telematics systems. These can include tire pressure sensors to ensure that tires are not getting too low, or oil level sensors that ensure that engines aren’t being damaged from an excess of water in their oil levels. Additionally, these types of sensors can track the speed and location of many vehicles at any time for many different purposes. These systems have helped protect many drivers across the world, not just in Singapore, and have helped countless people avoid criminal charges and repercussions as well.


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