How To Get People To Like BigCommerce

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The best way to get people to like big commerce seo service is by educating them on the benefits of shopping online. And for those who are already into ecommerce, be sure to link your social media accounts and provide great customer service.

Ecommerce has truly evolved in recent years, with many newcomers discovering that it’s a smart way of buying things online. With the convenience of ordering products from the ease of your home or office, you can take advantage of the better prices and wide selection! Now that you know the benefits of shopping online, let’s talk about how you can get people to like BigCommerce – the first step to success.

The right introduction is crucial in every business, and this is why I always encourage all new entrepreneurs to develop their social media presence as early as possible. Who knows better than we do that these platforms are places where new customers can be found? For many merchants, social media and presence are one of the most important marketing tools that they have – and they should never be neglected. You should start with an informative introduction video on YouTube and make sure that your video clearly answers all the questions a potential customer might have.

How To Get People To Like BigCommerce :

1. Develop your own blog :

Everyone needs to have their own blog because it will connect you with your potential customers. Plus, a blog is the perfect way to express your opinions and thoughts. Don’t worry if you are not a blogger; there are plenty of other ways to start a blog. 

For example, you can set up your ecommerce store as a blog and offer regular updates on new products or featured offers. It’s better if you can develop a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram – but if you don’t have time for that, it’s okay.

2. Develop a social media presence :

Social media is a fast and easy way of spreading your business information, in contrast to traditional advertising. Today, not many people are interested in ads that keep appearing on the Internet. If a customer interacts with your blog or other site content, he might be interested in learning more about you, in contrast to seeing an ad for a product he doesn’t want to buy. 

A good way of starting is by developing your own social media accounts by linking them with your blog – you can use Facebook as the main platform for this. You should also create Twitter and Instagram profiles and share pictures directly from these platforms – it will increase traffic instantly!

3. Create your own design :

Apart from the logo, you should also create a custom design for your social media profiles. This is an essential step in order to establish your brand identity, and it will give your store a unique and recognizable look. 

Be sure that all of these accounts are connected with each other, so the same theme can be applied on all of them. Choose a simple and clean design that can be used on all social media platforms – if it has to be changed in the future, it won’t be difficult to do so.

4. Develop an email list :

Email marketing is another great way of getting more customers and increasing your sales. You can promote your store on your blog posts, and mention it to all of your email subscribers with no problem at all. This is an opportunity to create a long term relationship with these people as you can provide them with discounts and special promotions. 

An email list will also give you the opportunity to interact with these subscribers in order to find out what they want and how they want it. Just remember that you should keep the email marketing process professional at all times so that people will be eager to receive new offers from you!

5. Sustainability :

Don’t rush everything, and make sure that you are working on the right goals. If you want to expand your business, then start slowly. It is better for you if you make a few smaller sales as opposed to one big one – it will give you more experience and help you develop certain skills. Keep growing your ecommerce business slowly and steadily so that it won’t be difficult to handle later!

6. Build a community :

This is very important because it will give you an insight into your potential customers. You should consider how to improve your existing products or develop new ones that can satisfy the needs of your target audience. 

Plus, you can use your community to share ideas and information about the ecommerce industry. For example, you can ask them what they like and don’t like about BigCommerce – this way, the merchants who use BigCommerce will be able to help!


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