The History of BigCommerce

big commerce

The history of BigCommerce is a long and enlightening one. Company name, website address, initial venture funding, and even its leadership structure have changed drastically throughout its decades-long tenure. It’s easy to see why this company has managed to enjoy success while so many others have failed. 

BigCommerce is a commerce platform that provides business owners with the tools they need to run their operations, including one-click shopping cart software, mobile commerce, marketing campaigns and more.

With such a vast variety of products that cater to everyone from stay-at-home mothers looking for a way to earn some extra cash on the side or small business owners looking for a solution that provides instant access and the flexibility they need, it’s not difficult to see why this particular ecommerce solution continues to thrive in today’s more

Early Origins Of BigCommerce

The origins of BigCommerce can be traced back to the late 1990s. The company started out as a small web design and hosting business called Perpetual Hosting. In 2005, it would change its name to Plural Technology, Inc., and would eventually expand into e-commerce with the release of Easy Herd, an e-commerce application.

 In 2009, the company would find itself on the brink of bankruptcy after failing to come up with an estimated $10 million in annual revenue. Fortunately for them and their investors, a new venture capital firm began supporting their efforts when they acquired 10 percent of their equity and even invested $2 million into Plural Technology during this period.

In 2011, the company’s name would change to BigCommerce, Inc. As one can imagine, this new moniker is a massive one and speaks to the scope of their current operations. This year would also see the release of their first mobile application, as well as an updated version of Easy Herd that promised to create an even more seamless user experience. 

By 2013, BigCommerce had earned enough money to invest $2 million back into its business and had experienced a 10-fold increase in revenue over the previous three years. The following year they would expand into Canada and Europe with the addition of offices in Toronto and Paris respectively. Further expansion would follow, with the addition of offices in San Francisco and London in 2015.

Today and Beyond

Today, BigCommerce is a leading provider of an array of ecommerce products that are designed to be easy to set up and manage. They boast the fact that their software allows customers to make updates quickly and efficiently, as well as offer 24/7 customer support throughout their products’ lifespan. 

In 2014, BigCommerce introduced its mobile commerce platform that acts as a roadmap for retailers looking to establish themselves on the go. The company provides its services and products through the use of a Cloud Delivery Platform.

 This software offers flexibility for both users and businesses thanks to their highly scalable design solution. It allows for distributed processing and support for the majority of ecommerce platforms, as well as tools to help with the launch of new products.

Stepping back for a moment, BigCommerce’s roots can be traced back to Plural Technology in 1999. In 2009, the company would find themselves in dire straits when they failed to reach key milestones in their funding

. Luckily, they were able to turn things around after acquiring 10 percent of their company’s equity. From there, they would invest another $2 million into the business and enter into a new era where they would manage over $20 million in annual revenue. Since then, BigCommerce has expanded with operations across North America, Europe and nearly every part of the world.

Where They Are Now

As noted, BigCommerce has offices in nearly every country around the globe. Despite their rapid expansion since 1999, they have managed to maintain a deep sense of community within their organization. The company demonstrates a high level of care and concern for both its customers and its staff on a daily basis.

 It is this mindset that helps BigCommerce to provide customers with the tools and resources they need to be successful both online and off. It is this constant drive for excellence that has enabled this particular ecommerce provider to maintain such steady growth over the past two decades.

BigCommerce has experience with a wide variety of ecommerce websites, as well as their own custom-designed software. The company’s feature-rich design allows for the creation of unique user experiences that are highly adaptable and allow them to stand above the competition in both the medium and long term – a feat that has not gone unnoticed.

 In addition to their software and design capabilities, BigCommerce provides their clients with the tools needed to effectively manage their businesses. They are able to do this thanks to their unique integration capabilities and comprehensive cross-channel experiences.


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