2 Practices That Will Bring Your Brand Persona to Life


What is a brand persona? It’s the embodiment of your business. It’s the best version of yourself that you want to project to customers and can represent, among other things: who you are, what you do, why people should do business with you. A successful brand persona will help people see how your company makes them feel.

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Incorporating these two practices into your marketing strategy will help bring your brand persona to life so potential clients see it as a real person. 

First practice is personalizing your social media profiles by using an avatar with text over it to show what kind of personality they have and how they act with others around them.

Second practice is putting your personality into your website or blog by using a property photo with real people in it and then displaying that same picture on your business cards.

1. How to bring your brand persona to life using social media:

On each of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), have an avatar created for you and put at the top of your profile with a little bit of text over it about who this person is. 

The avatar should be of an engaging, friendly face that shows interest in others. Don’t make it generic; make it specific to you.  It’s going to help people see you as real person, not a faceless company or organization.

On your business cards, you can use your own avatar with a little text over it.  You could also create an av.res file that you email to people and they can add it to their system as a contact on their phone or computer.

2. How to bring your brand persona to life using your website:

Create a property photo on your website of yourself and then make it accessible by uploading it as part of a file that you attach via hyperlink; for example, at the bottom of the blog you write for or insert into your contact form newsletter.  Use this photo on everything from business cards to invitations, invoices and business letterhead receipts.

Use your avatar on your blog when you post and also on your home page as a splash photo.  This will show your avatar next to a photo of yourself, so readers can see that you are real and know they can trust that they are dealing with the real person.

3. How to bring your brand persona to life using business cards:

Create a property photo (“props”) of yourself in your customer profile here at Best Resume Resources ,  have it printed on business card paper and include with all correspondence.  

Put your avatar on the front of your business card as well and then include a photo of you with the same face at the top of your profile here.  

This will help you show a little bit of your personality (both soft and hard) through the internet.

Here is one more example: 

Here are some more examples from the above mentioned site that might inspire you.

These avatars are designed to make your contacts feel comfortable in contacting you because they are already familiar with this person’s persona. These photos can be used as property photos on all correspondence, wallpaper and printed documents.

4. How to bring your brand persona to life using your logo:

You can use one of the avatars above as a logo.  That’s right – you can create a logo that is an avatar and stick it on everything from business cards to letterhead, invoices and email signatures. 

This is a very powerful branding technique so give it a try.

Here are some examples of avatars as logos:

Awesome, right?  That’s really just scratching the surface on how you can use avatars in your branding and marketing strategy.

The concept of designing oneself as an avatar has been around for quite some time and many people have used the avatar idea with varying degrees of success.  I’ve seen design firms use process avatars and other people have used pictures of themselves in their own creations, but they are outliers.

What I have been trying to do is focus on one aspect at a time in order to really make the idea work with clients and myself.  It will help if you look at how many people are already doing things like publishing blogs and social media profiles, creating avatars for themselves, creating av.res files, holding local events and meeting people in the community that you want to reach out to or who you want to reach out to. 


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