Grill Pans: Choosing the Perfect One for You

Grill Pans

If you love having friends and families over to your house for gatherings, you should always make sure that you serve nothing but the best types of food. You have to avoid buying take-out food all the time because it can become stale for your guests, and that is why you have to learn how to cook. But before you even start cooking, ensure that you have all of the important cooking equipment. 

Besides the oven, stove, etc., you should have the best grill pan so that your food gets cooked the best way possible. Keep in mind that there are different types of grill pans to choose from, and you have to choose one that will suit your needs. Fortunately, you can find recommendations from experts to help you get the right pan. 

Tip #1. Keep in mind your heat source

When selecting grill pans, the first thing to remember is determining what heat source you will be using them on. One heat source is the standard stove, wherein it uses gas from a gas tank to create a flame. Another heat source is an electric stove that replaces flames with an electric current that heats the coils, causing them to generate heat. 

While some pans will only work on a specific heat source, grill pans can be used on an electric stove, fire stove, and ceramic cooktop. However, you can only use grill pans on ceramic cooktops if you have not used them on a gas stove first. Doing so can warp and make the pan brittle, making it easy to break and damage. 

Tip #2. Know what you want to cook on the pan

The second tip you have to remember when choosing a grill pan is knowing the types of food you plan on cooking on it. Other types of food can cook well on grill pans, while others may not cook so well. You have to find out which foods are perfect when cooked on grill pans and make sure they are great. 

Some of the best foods cooked on grill pans are vegetables, fish, and meat. What makes the pan great is you do not have to worry about the food sticking on the surface because of the grooves. You see grill marks once you cook the food thoroughly, giving off a barbecue appearance.

Tip #3. Learn the grill pan’s material

There are different types of grill pans, and each material can provide specific benefits for cooking. You can find pans made of aluminium or cast iron, durable and may break your pan hangers. Aluminium tends to break easily due to its lightweight material. 

You should also be aware that some grill pans are not suitable inside dishwashers, so you must determine how they should be washed. First, wash grill pans using hot water to remove the remaining food residue. Doing so will keep the pan’s material undamaged and let you use it for a long time. 

Do not forget the top three tips mentioned above if you want grill pans that will last longer and help you cook good quality food every day. 


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