How are the 3R’s Going to Help to Crack UPSC in Your Very First Attempt?


Recently, UPSC-CSE 2020 results got declared. This year, the aspirants from various country sections were able to qualify for the exams with their strategies and maintaining a positive attitude and approach in their personalities and their mains answer seat. 

Suppose you have watched the mock interviews released ever since the results were out from various platforms with the current year toppers and from previous years. In that case, you might have heard aspirants talking about the 3R Strategy, which they believe took them to the personality test round of the Union Public Service Commission – Civil Services Examination 2020.

Read, Revise and Repeat are the 3R’s that the aspirants talked about in the interview after qualifying for the exam. Many students from all across the country aspire to serve in civil services like IAS, IPS, IRS, and IFS services. The exam itself is no less than a marathon, where the preparation itself takes a year or two. So, it won’t be surprised if an aspirant lacks motivation at any point. The tiers on which an aspirant should rely the most are Patience, Perseverance, and dedication. 

Wherever the studies and other factors are concerned, one must follow the 3R’s: Read, Revise, and repeat. The civil services examination has a vast syllabus including basics of Humanities, science, technology, and a specification. At the same time, you opt for the optional subject, which has a significant weightage for the Mains exam and the ongoing current events of National and International importance, which makes it one tough job to memorize. But as the qualified aspirants suggest, and is one mantra to compete in any examination in India. 

What will only help is your consistency, dedication, and skills of managing your time and giving a fair share of your time towards the examination. 

How to Follow 3R’s Strategy?

To effectively implement the 3R’s Strategy, which is to read, revise and repeat, one must be aware of the examination syllabus and the sources from which learning can be made possible. It should be the primary step you will take towards your journey from an ordinary person to one intellectual one. 

The second step should deal more with the time management skills of yours. To qualify for these examinations, which are conducted for a whole year, you must know what to study and whatnot. 

Limiting your resources, completing your syllabus, and revise the same should be something you must be focussing the most on. With so many resources in the market, aspirations think that learning more will help them qualify, but it is not entirely true. Stick to one online education app that you find helpful. 

Smart learning is something that works for this. Also, some aspirants consider Electronic media to be entirely disastrous and time-consuming if used while preparing. Still, it is not true if someone uses the best teaching  app for their interest in studies, then it is a disaster. Still, if you use it to gather information and essential sources to study, it is not that bad but is beneficial. 

It is also believed that one can’t crack this examination on their first go. Still, if an aspirant has a mental understanding of the exam, they are making a blunder. As it is the first attempt only where your mind is refreshed, and the level of motivation built into yourself can make you another rank holder for the country, one should never cheat on the mantra for success: Read, Revise and Repeat. 


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