How to Purchase a New Car When Buying With No Credit


Buying a car is hard enough as it is, but buying one without any credit history can be downright impossible. How do you go about getting a new vehicle if you’re not able to get approved for auto loans? How do you buy a new car when your credit score is nonexistent? This blog post will show you how!

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Know your capacity

Determine how much you can afford each month for your car payment. The more money, the better equipped you’ll be able to purchase a nicer vehicle. Try and aim for around $300-$500 per month on top of insurance payments as well if at all possible; this way you should be able to get something that’s brand new, or nearly so. If not, try and find used cars in good condition with little mileage (less than 20k). There are lots of options out there!

Start searching resources

Once you’ve got an idea about what kind of price range works best for your budget, start searching resources such as Kelley Blue Book and to find a car that matches up with what you can afford.

Narrow your search down by finding out the vehicle history report for each one (try sites like AutoCheck or Carfax). You’ll want to make sure there aren’t many miles on it, no accidents, and good maintenance records; all of these things will factor into how much money you’re able to get when selling the car later on.

Go for inspection at any number of local auto shops

When you’ve picked which used car works best for your budget, take it in for an inspection at any number of local auto shops around town. This way they can tell you if there’s anything wrong with the engine/brakes/suspension etc. So even though they are older cars now, it doesn’t mean they are junk!

Take a test drive

Once you’ve got the inspection report back, make sure there’s nothing big to worry about. If everything looks good on your end, take a test drive and go for it! Just remember that even though buying with no credit might feel impossible at first if you know what steps to take ahead of time, then anything can be possible in life. How does this sound? Is this something you’re interested in learning more about? Stay tuned next week for another blog post where I’ll share some helpful tips on how to get approved for auto loans when your credit score is nonexistent/terrible. How do these steps sound so far? Are there any questions or concerns here?

Establishing an Installment Loan Plan

When purchasing used vehicles in particular “no money down deals” need assistance from lenders who will provide them with installments loans which help people establish positive payment records. By getting a car loan with no money down people can easily purchase vehicles by paying for them over time.

Negative credit scores

They are not necessarily permanent and individuals should seek assistance if they have problems making payments on loans or mortgages because there is always someone who will provide help. The first step an individual should take when looking into buying their own vehicle is determining what kind of information they need about different types of purchases, whether it’s purchasing used cars or financing new ones. 


Some lenders will ask for confirmation of employment and income which helps them determine if people can make payments on their loan. How far away is the nearest Starbucks? How are you feeling today? How can I help with that? How much does it cost to buy a new car when buying with no credit history in your state? How much do you typically pay for insurance each month on top of your car payment if at all possible/doable within your budget range, so that way you should be able to get something nice and newer (like less than 20k miles)? How did this make you feel about me sharing these steps next week on how someone was able to purchase a new vehicle without having any credit scores or reports since they were starting from scratch like yourself right now too?

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