How to Treat Lymphedema Naturally


Lymphedema is a complication that’s caused mostly due to an infection caused by a parasite, named filariasis. It can also be caused as a side effect of breast cancer treatment. This condition results from an impaired flow of the lymphatic system. Lymphedema occurs mostly in the arms or legs, as the lymph fluid gets accumulated in the soft tissues. When this condition occurs, the fingers and toes of a person, or other parts of the arms and legs, get swollen very visually. 

This condition can cause massive discomfort to a person. But this condition can’t be cured totally. Instead, you can manage the condition and keep it down to a tolerable level by going through some treatment options. We will talk about those treatment methods in this article. 

You can try treating lymphedema naturally in order to keep the condition under control. If you manage to do so properly, your arms and legs won’t get swollen. You won’t feel much pain or discomfort, and the feeling of heaviness will gradually fade away. Also, your range of motion won’t remain much restricted. Your skin will start getting normal too if you can keep on with these treatment methods consistently. The treatment methods of lymphedema are-

  • Massage Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Detoxification
  • Light Therapy
  • Practicing Healthy Skincare
  • Using Natural Herbs
  • Not Blocking the Fluid Flow
  • Managing Obesity
  • Eating Right

Let’s have a look at these treatment methods of lymphedema that will help you to keep this condition in check.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be really helpful for a lot of health conditions, such as lymphedema. If you are suffering from pain and discomfort due to this condition, you can get an appointment with a certified massage therapist. Someone who knows how your body can be massaged in a light and careful manner that will assist the moving of lymph fluid. If you take the massage therapy properly, the lymph fluid will move from the swollen areas to other places where the lymph system is properly functional. You can also try giving yourself massage therapy that will enhance a healthy flow of lymphatic fluid, and reduce the swelling. 

Light Therapy

Light therapy is one of the most effective and popular forms of therapy. This therapy is highly beneficial regarding a number of physical and mental health issues. Light therapy can be of different types based on the color of light used in the light therapy device, such as red light therapy, blue light therapy, amber light therapy, white light therapy, etc. Each color of light therapy has a different set of benefits. Light therapy usually helps with a wide range of issues, like skin problems, hair loss problems, sleeping problems, different types of pain and wounds, muscle building, weight loss, mental health problems like depression, anxiety, stress, SAD, etc. You can treat lymphedema with red light therapy.

Along with various other problems, red light therapy can help with lymphedema too. If you expose your swollen area to a strong red light emitted by a light therapy device, the light will penetrate your skin, and even your muscles to work on a cellular level and generate necessary hormones and chemical reactions that will work to reduce the swelling. It will also help detoxify the lymph system. It can also move the lymph fluid from the swollen areas to the functional areas. If you take this therapy regularly for a certain amount of time, it will help you a lot with your condition. You can take this therapy easily at your home by using a light therapy device. 


Exercising can be of huge help for people suffering from lymphedema. Aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, etc. can help the lymph fluid to move out of the affected areas, and also reduce the swelling. You can try wearing some sort of pressure clothing while exercising based on the advice of your doctor. It’s best for breast cancer survivors to start with upper body exercises, and then increase the intensity slowly. SLow weight lifting and upper body exercises are safe for them, and they will also keep the swelling from getting worse. 


There are various foods and supplements that work to remove toxins from the body. This doesn’t only keep the body healthy, it’s also beneficial for dealing with lymphedema. Different toxins can build up in the lymph system over a period of time. It can cause blockage, and also the immune system can get diminished. 

You can start using detoxifying elements like teas and herbs. You can take them on a regular basis to have the best possible result. For detoxification, you can also start drinking a certain amount of water per day. It won’t only help to detoxify your body, it will also hydrate your body. You will also get benefits in terms of weight loss. 

Practicing Healthy Skincare

As people with lymphedema remain at risk of skin infections, healthy skin care is really important for them. As fluids get trapped in the tissues, bacteria can easily grow and cause infections to your skin. Make sure to keep your skin clean and properly moisturized. Try using sunscreen while going outdoors. It’s better to wear gloves while doing outdoor activities like gardening to protect your skin. Also, make sure to keep your toes and feet dry and clean. 

Using Natural Herbs

There are some herbs that can help you in dealing with lymphedema. They can reduce inflammation, and also boost the flow of lymphatic fluids. Ginger is one such herb that can be of huge help. Gingers can enhance the immune system, and reduce the swelling caused by lymphedema as well.

Another herb that can help is Butcher’s Broom. It improves blood circulation and makes the blood vessels stronger. It also reduces the discomfort of lymphedema patients by easing the swollen lymph glands. Sweet clover can be beneficial too. It helps increase the flow of lymph fluid, and optimize the whole lymphatic system’s function in a person’s body. You can try these herbs to deal with your condition.

Eating Right and Managing Obesity

It’s highly essential for a person suffering from lymphedema to eat a healthy diet. They must avoid foods such as refined flours, refined sugar, processed foods, foods with hydrogenated and trans fats, fast food, and sweetened beverages that can cause obesity. It;-’s really important to manage obesity if you want to get rid of your condition. Also, to stay healthy you can try focusing your diet on whole foods, especially anti-inflammatory ones. It means having more fruits and vegetables regularly. Make sure to avoid foods with high-sodium ingredients. 

Final Words

Lymphedema can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the person that’s suffering from this condition. It might not be life-threatening, but it’s still a chronic disease. It can be a lot difficult to get on with life while constantly dealing with this condition, so you can try treating this problem and keep it to a tolerable level by going through one of the abovementioned treatment processes. You can choose one easily based on your preference, as all of them provide great results, and are completely safe. 


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