Lighting ideas to prep your home for a perfect staycation


The travel season is here, and everybody is in a hurry to find their perfect vacation spots and take a hiatus from everyday life that gets pretty hectic. But there’s a good number of people who are preferring to stay at home and make worthwhile memories, and that’s where we come in to help you. Staycations at home are highly underrated and one of the latest fads that have taken the world by storm.

Now, there are a lot of factors that help you enhance your staycation, but one of the major elements that can truly transform your space for a staycation is the lighting. Lighting not only changes your visuospatial perception but also accentuates the aesthetic value of your living space. And while lighting can obviously make or break the ambience of your living space, it is also responsible for adding that functionality quotient to your space. Now sit back and take a look at all the ways you can add a distinct flair to your home with lighting to make the best out of your staycation.

Setting the scene for your space

Setting the scene for your space becomes the most important yet the most basic step to begin with. A staycation is not really a staycation if every space of your home appears just the way it used to before. The whole point of a staycation is to get a change of scenery, and that’s not quite possible with having the standard lighting designs in your decor.

The best lighting designs to upgrade your ambience include a pendant light, table lamp, wall light or a chandelier itself. Each of these lighting designs comes with its own set of purposes and brings a different character to your living space. The pendant light can create a stunning focal point in your living space, and it can also amp up every nook and cranny of the space it is placed in. The table lamp is responsible for giving soft lighting or general lighting to the space and can add a very relaxing vibe to your space. Wall light, too, enhances the ambience of your space unlike you’d ever imagine. 

While this part is not included in the lighting layout of your home, you can definitely throw in some home decor in the scene to effortlessly complement the lighting designs in the space. Home decor also adds to the ambience of your home, and it completes the decor quite seamlessly. 

Deck up your outdoor decor too 

The whole point of a staycation is relaxing in the space, and there’s nothing better than being in touch with nature to truly relax ourselves. And the only way that can be done is by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Plan a barbeque, cookout, movie night or a random gala in your outdoor space and make the best out of your staycation.

The lighting designs that can help you set the ambience of your space, guarantee the security in the area and also lend to the functionality include outdoor hanging lights, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps and garden bollards. 


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