Mind Numbing Facts About Hxh Killua Skateboard


Killua is the average skateboarder. He spends a large portion of his life on skateboarding. The average time that a person spends on a skateboard is around 22 minutes, with an equivalent time spent outside as 2 hours per day, and 3 years to get the skill down. That’s over 60 hours of practice! In order to get good at it, you have to really put in the effort and try your best at it every day. 

Some people are patient and do this for several years before they master it but others take just a few months if not weeks. Hxh killua skateboard is one of the best skateboarders in the world. The reason he is like that is because he practices every single day. He is the type of guy who puts in 110% effort everyday to get better. This article summarizes his life and how much time he spends on a skateboard each day. 

Mind Numbing Facts About Hxh Killua Skateboard :

1. Killua Skateboarded for 2 years before he even got his first board

He never complained when it rained and he did not care about anything else but getting to the store to get a skateboard. When at a store, he would ask the dude at the counter where they got their boards, how much it cost, and of course how long they had been there. He was obsessed with finding out all these things because it seemed like the key to success when you were trying new things.

2. Killua spent 5 hours on a board everyday for 3 years

He would set alarms for 6:00 in the morning, so that he could get up and skateboard out of bed. He spent hours on his board every single day. He did not just do one trick over and over again but he also tried to master a lot of different tricks. He was getting really good at skateboarding; however, he realized that there were other people out there who were better than him and he had a long way to go before he could be as good as them. 

3. His family moved around because of his father’s job

Whenever there was a new place, Killua would make sure that he got himself new skateboard equipment. If the skateboard store did not have a new product, he would go to his friend’s house and ask them where they bought their equipment. When time came, whenever he was finished with school, his dad would tell him to do whatever it is that he is going to do so that he could make some money. 

Killua used to ask his dad if it was okay for him to work but his dad told him that there was no need for him to work because everybody in the family was able to make enough money just on scholarships and free school lunch. Killua did not believe what his dad said because things were getting hard. Even though they had a lot of money, they were getting poorer by the day because the bills kept increasing.

4. He started skateboarding because he wanted to do an interview

He was going to be on a TV program and the reporter wanted him to show how good he was. Killua got a skateboard, some shoes, and his board in one bag and with the help of his cousin they went downstairs to where they were having the interview. He got there 10 minutes before they were supposed to start filming. The reporter was still there but they did not start filming until the 10th minute. 

Killua tried to impress his teacher by talking about how he got his board and how much money it cost and how good he was at skateboarding. He thought that if he could make his teacher proud, then maybe he would be able to get a scholarship for college or something. It worked, because afterward, the school decided to give him a scholarship for skateboarding and now his dad does not work anymore either. 

5. He had another skateboard accident

Because of his extensive practice, one day, Killua fell off the skateboard and it broke in two. He did not think that it was a big deal because he had insurance and his mom told him that they could just get one at the place they bought his last one. However, when they were at the store, they found that some of the parts were already wearing out and Killua began to realize how much it would cost to fix all of those parts. He began to feel uneasy about how expensive it would be to fix all of them; instead, he decided that he could replace all the parts by buying a new skateboard after all.


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