Secret Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime


Many people don’t take cybersecurity seriously. In fact, the majority of cyber crimes go unreported. This is a huge mistake! The Secret Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime blog post will cover what you need to know about protecting your business from hackers and thieves that want to steal your data or money!

In this blog post Free Opinion IST will cover how you can protect yourself better by using new techniques that many people don’t know about! Many people believe they can prevent a cyber attack by relying on their anti virus software or firewalls. But this is simply not the case anymore. Hackers have become extremely sophisticated in recent years, making it difficult for businesses without taking proper precautions. Don’t let this happen to you!

Know what hackers are after

The first Secret Way you need to take is knowing exactly how and why cyber criminals hack businesses. Hackers attacked Yahoo in 2014, stealing users’ personal information and email accounts of over 500 million people! This took place because the company failed to implement two-factor authentication. A process that requires entering both a password and temporary code sent via text message or phone call when logging into an account. If this step was implemented correctly, it would have stopped all that data from being stolen.

Use multi-factor authentication

The next step in protecting yourself is using multi-factor authentication; such as text messages or phone calls that provide extra protection against unauthorized logins by requiring account holders to enter both their password. An additional code sent directly through the device they’re logging into (usually via email). This ensures only someone who has access to the primary user’s mobile device can sign in, not just knowing their login credentials!

Regular backups

Regular backups are very important. Because they can give you access to all of the information stored on them if something wrong like an attack by hackers occurs. Regularly backup your files and make sure that they’re kept somewhere safe. Preferably not in the same place as where all of your other business’ assets are located.

Know What Data You Have and Where It Is Stored.

When you are trying to protect your business it can be easy not knowing what kind of information that you have, where it’s stored or how many assets around the world are connected by a network. If there is no awareness on what type of data you have, where it’s located and who needs access then cyber criminals will take advantage. Because they know which parts could bring down the entire system if compromised.

Practice Good Security Hygiene.

Secret way number two has the keyword of security. When it comes to practicing good security hygiene, you need to take care and protect all possible vulnerabilities in your system by using different layers of protection; such as firewalls or IDS/IPS solutions that work together with anti-malware protections at the same time.

Have a Backup Plan in Case Something Goes Wrong.

It’s important to have a solid business continuity plan that takes into consideration how long will it take to restore data from backups if something goes wrong.

Always Be Vigilant.

It’s important to always be vigilant with what’s happening in your company, who access certain files and data on a daily basis etc. If you are not aware of every little piece of information that goes into or out of your business then cyber criminals will get an advantage over you. Because they know how to take advantage when there are holes left unguarded.

Security Awareness Training for Employees.

Keyword for this sentence is security awareness training.” Secret way number five has the keyword of security awareness training. In terms of cyber crime, employees are one of your biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to protecting sensitive data on a daily basis.

Physical Security

If you have a system or information that requires storing under tight guard then make sure there’s proper physical access control and follow-up procedures in case something out of ordinary happens at night time etc.

Partner with Trusted Third Parties/Professional Services Firms

There are several companies that provide cyber security as a service and partnering with them is one of the best practices to ensure your business from being compromised by criminals or foreign intelligence agencies trying to steal sensitive information stored on servers etc.

Use Security Analytics Tools for Continuous Monitoring/Log Reviewing

When it comes down to having a deeper insight into what’s going on in your company, there are various types of solutions that you can use depending on the size of your company and what type of data you have.

Stay Informed/Take Action Against Cyber Threats

It’s important to stay up-to-date with anything that could affect your business from a security standpoint. It includes threat intelligence feeds or email newsletters etc.

These are all things that can help protect our businesses from being compromised by criminals who want to steal any information they see as valuable for money making purposes. Or sell it on forums online to anyone willing to buy it without caring about legal implications in most cases.


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