“Violent Knight 2” Movie Cast Plot Trailer And Much More You Want

Violent Knight 2

Tommy Wirkola’s new upcoming action comedy film Violent Knight 2


  • Violent Knight 2 is an upcoming action comedy film by Tommy Wirkola, and it is a sequel to the first Violent Knight movie.
  • The movie features the vigilante Saints who must save young Trudy and her family from a group of bad guys.
  • The story of the sequel is unknown, but fans are looking forward to seeing more action and adventure from the Violent Knight franchise.
  • Overall, fans are excited to see what the creative team has in store for the Violent Knight franchise.

If the actor has any problem, I can go in and fix it immediately. I think it speeds up the process

Tommy Wirkola

The upcoming film has been hailed by many as a blood-soaked Christmas caper, and many are looking forward to seeing it. From the team behind Nobody, Violent Knight sees the vigilante Saints take on a load of bad guys to save young Trudy (Lee Brady) and her family. And while the movie ended on a final note, that doesn’t mean the magic of Christmas isn’t over yet.

Main Cast & Character Of The Violent Knight 2

The second part of this film is about to come in which the cast and characters working in the film are shown.

  • David Harbour as Santa Claus
  • John Leguizamo as Scrooge
  • Alex Hassell as Jason
  • Alexis Louder as Linda
  • Edi Patterson as Alva
  • Cam Gigandet as Morgan Steel

This Is The Official Trailer Of The Film

Still no trailer for Too Violent Knight 2. However, if it is true that the film is already in production, it will most likely release before the film, right now you can watch the Violent Night trailer here below.

The Backstory Of This Film Is Here

Violent Night was the story of a vigilante Santa, David Harbor, and his quest to rescue young child Trudy (Leah Brady) and her family from a mob of bad guys led by Scrooge. Scrooge leaves town before Santa arrives, so Santa goes to his house to find him. But when he gets there,

He learns that Scrooge has taken Trudy’s family hostage, and plans to rob them of all their money. From there a shootout ensues until Santa drives Scrooge out of the house and into a blizzard, where he is then attacked by wolves.

When Do We See This Movie In Theaters?

Everything may have happened in the first film, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see more in the future. While Violent Knight has a possible release date of early 2024, sources have confirmed that they are already working on a sequel, and the film is set to release theatrically.

Plot & Synopsis

Since there was certainly a lot of mystery in the first film, as well as a lot of questions left unanswered, it’s hard to say what will happen in the second film. The first film has been quite bloody, action packed and packed with action and it is certainly something that will be looked into in the sequel. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all blood and violence – if you want your kid to see Violent Knight 2, you might want to bring them to a theatre.

What Do Fans Expect From This Movie?

Although the movie’s second half is Everything You Need to Know About, the overall consensus of fans seems to be that they want to see more, which means there’s probably more to come from the Violent Knight franchise than there already is. A lot depends on where the creative team wants to take this, so for now, we can only wait to see if they add anything else to the film.


The first thing we can talk about is obviously the ending itself. As most movie fans know, a lot of movies end badly. It seems like Santa is going to die in the movie, and it makes sense to end the movie with that cliffhanger.

But he always has a chance to come back and really show everyone what he’s capable of, in many ways it seems like this movie would fit in nicely with the spirit of Christmas – where you’re able to let her be where she is, and this film shows that beautifully.


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