4 Ways to Commemorate Your New Business


Launching a new business is both a cumbersome and exciting process. Right from the inception of the idea to the day of the launch, there are many things that you and your team members have to do to make the launch a success. Now that you have worked through getting the startup funds, testing the products or services, and streamlining your production process, congratulations to you. 

The commemoration or launch of your new business is the next big step as it will set the tone for your business transactions for the continuing years. That is why it is important to launch strongly and to attract the relevant attention from your target market. The launching day will also be a reference point for your investors to see the worth of their investments or to consider investing in your future business. 

There are many ways to make your commemoration memorable such as using patent plaques, exploiting your social media handles, and having physical brochures and posters. See more an in-depth look at some top four methods to use for a successful launch: 

Get a Patent Plaque:

One way to display the authenticity of your business is by using a patent to show all your potential clients that you will be offering original services only. Patents are offered by the patent office as recognition for intellectual property and you can easily put them on display using patent plaques.

Patent plaques come in a variety of materials. The primary structure is a glass case that is surrounded by wood or metal.  The patent acknowledgment letter is kept in the glass case. It has information about you or your company, the patent number and the date it was issued, and the title. It may also go on to further explain the details of the invention. 

Host a brand new opening sale: 

To attract more people to your launch event, you can have a sale for your new business. The details for the sale may include a giveaway, a certain percentage off certain products, or an added coupon or product on purchases worth a certain amount. It is also advisable that during your first sale you limit the product quantities.

 By making only a certain amount of products available, you can be able to create a sense of urgency in your clients and increase the demand for your products. This will therefore create a chain of demand as more people trust your brand. The hype from these sales will benefit you as you get fully into business. 

Spread the word on your social media handles:

Social media platforms are a great way to get the word out. On your Instagram and Facebook platforms, you can give teasers on what the launch will look like. You don’t want to give out too much so that you kill away people’s curiosity. You can also start countdowns on your platform to remind your audience of the days until the event happens to build anticipation for the event

You can also create short videos and write blog posts on the product launch. For your website, you can put up a cover page that will show the coming soon tag to everyone. These sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes teasers are a great way to get the hype going.

Use your influence and network to spread the word:

You can also reach out to the community you may have built over time to help you spread the word further. If you already have connections in the industry it would be wise to use them. Endorsements can also be done through public figures and social media influencers although this route can be a little expensive. Your friends and the people close to you are a great place to start in spreading the word for your launch. 


Business decisions need to be made every day and the best thing to do is to keep moving and figuring it out as you go. Getting ready for your big day will need a lot of planning for sure. But you can make it easier on yourself by surrounding yourself with the right team of co-workers and dealers that share in your vision and are as committed as you are to seeing it come to life. 


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