5 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Small Businesses


It’s not that small businesses are bad, it’s that they usually don’t cater to your special needs. If you want a job or business with flexible hours, a fun work environment, health benefits and bonus pay, then you need to move on up to bigger and better things.Small business accounting hidden secrets medium matt oliver. The truth is the bigger companies will never take you on as a full-time staff member in the first place if your business is small enough for them. So here are some of the top reasons why you are most likely a rookie in small businesses :

1. You’re a “one and done” customer

These businesses advertise themselves as a cheap alternative to franchise and corporation store outlets. Unfortunately, most of the time this leads people to think that these stores are good for one thing – a big discount on bulk products. If you buy something from these places, you are most definitely not getting the best customer service or quality items. 

Basically, they have very little to no experience in customer service and have probably never heard of small business marketing. So if you go there expecting quality, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

2. They make you sign a contract

Many of these stores only hire people who are willing to sign a contract. You see, if the business is poorly run, they can’t afford to fire you. So what do they do? They make you sign the following agreement: “You will work for this store for the duration of this contract and pay us all your wages and taxes so that we can get out of debt.” 

For these owners, hiring people for one-off jobs is way too expensive so instead of having to pay them full-time, they only want to take on employees with lengthy contracts so that if their business management or staff do something wrong, they don’t have to blame it on someone else.

3. You are not getting the best customer service

When you go to these places, you will either have your order checked in as fast as possible, or you’ll wait a long time to get it. The problem with this is that they don’t have enough customer service workers to give each customer the attention they deserve. Either way, the results are the same – customers end up getting the worst of both worlds. 

And because that’s how it’s been done for decades, many people see no other option but to stick with these stores in order to get their orders through as quickly as possible and save some bucks in the process.

4. You are being used as a cash cow

These stores all make their money on the profit margins. You see, they can’t afford to hire enough people to get through their orders so they have to use people like you and I as cash cows instead. So what are we paying these companies for? If you do some research, you’ll find out that the big companies pay much better salaries to their employees.

They offer health insurance and bonuses every month! This is something that seems impossible for a small business owner who doesn’t want to go bankrupt from hiring too many staff members and still has huge debts from buying too much inventory. Therefore, nobody wants to be working there but everyone needs groceries!

5. They don’t care

I’m sure you’ve seen some of these stores before. You enter their store and the first thing you see is a big sign that says “We’re always here to serve you!” If they’re not, who knows? Basically, no one actually cares – large companies just have a sense of service and tactfulness where small businesses are lacking in both. However, it’s not really about what they want to offer – it’s about making sure their business survives by any means necessary. 

We become small business owners because we love our passion and want to invest in something more than just making money. It’s impossible for us to function this way at an established company where the goal is only profit. Therefore, we always end up feeling like a small fish in a big pond and we’re just not going to stand for it!

I’m sure you guys can relate to all of the above situations by now, but if you’re still buying things from these places, then you’ll feel much better once you start making your own purchases. After all, it’s not really about getting the lowest prices anymore. You see, what made businesses so successful was that they were able to create products and services that satisfied the needs of their customers.


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