How to promote your hybrid events in 2022


Many people will be starting new careers in 2022 with the emergence of new job opportunities. In this article, we explore how to promote hybrid events for 2022. 

In today’s fast-paced world of business, it is inevitable that corporations will want to diversify their services and offer a little something more in order to stay on top of the competition. The word ‘hybrid’ is often associated with the automobile industry and car manufacturers that allow you to play your iPod through its sound system or to store your MP3 player in the car’s storage compartment. 

In business, a hybrid is any event or program that brings together many elements such as active learning, Web 2.0 technologies, and enterprise developments.

To begin with, hybrid events provide employers with a unique opportunity to do something different for their employees by offering them educational opportunities.

What are hybrid events?

There are many definitions of hybrid events (HCEs). For the purpose of this article, a hybrid event is defined as a learning experience that combines the benefits and features of several different learning methodologies such as workshops, tutorials and or case studies. HCEs are not just one type of activity – they are actually a combination (or ‘mix’) of different activities that together deliver an overall learning experience. Some common HCE types include:

1. Hands-on workshops combined with formal presentations;

2. Case studies observed by the whole class combined with mentoring sessions; and

3. Web 2.0 questions combined with blogs for online discussions.

4. Case studies observed by the whole class combined with mentoring sessions;

5. Web 2.0 questions combined with blogs for online discussions.

HCEs are growing in popularity today and are widely used around the world, particularly in Asia and Europe. But there is also evidence to suggest that as more organizations adopt them, HCEs are increasingly being used within organizations. According to a survey of over 1200 students, 93% believed that an event could be a hybrid (Cary 2005). Hybrid learning has been defined as a “combination of technology-enhanced learning and face-to-face instruction” (Wegner 2000).

How to promote your hybrid events in 2022?

There are some key factors to consider when designing a hybrid event for 2022:

a) Does the learning experience have the potential to generate revenue? (Examples include certificates and certifications obtained from workshops and seminars; customized training programs; or customized services that the employees can provide as part of their job.)

b) The learning ‘mix’ needs to be accompanied by appropriate and relevant content. (This includes both tangible and intangible elements such as ongoing support, online resources and software).

c) Is there something unique about the learning ‘mix’ that could make it stand out from others? (For example, a company that offers case studies could add a video component in order to increase interaction with their audience.

d) Use a poster maker, such as PosterMyWall, that can help you generate high-quality flyers for your hybrid event by allowing you to choose from a variety of designs that are available for immediate download.

In 2022, organizations will have the advantage of being able to use the latest technologies to enhance their knowledge transfer process and improve their learning environment. 

The key here is to make the right choices in how you promote your event. By using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can create a community that promotes HCEs and shares best practices so they become a part of your organization’s culture.

What are the advantages of using hybrid events for learning?

a) this can be used for all kinds of learning needs, from management training to personal development.

b) The use of technology will enable people to learn when and where they want, from wherever they are. This could include using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and PDAs.

c) Adapting your learning style to match the business’s requirements by taking into account your employees’ personal preferences will help you create a higher degree of engagement among them – which is a win-win situation.

d) Assisting the development of your employees’ skills, knowledge and abilities is a common reason why companies use hybrid events.

e) Hybrid courses are generally more affordable because they minimize the number of participants and provide fewer face-to-face interactions. This also means that all participants can take advantage of the learning, without having to spend much on travel or accommodation. 

How should this be promoted?

If you want to promote HCEs successfully in 2022, it will be important that they are visible to your staff and that you get their support.

a) Ensure that you include your employees during the design process in order to ensure that they buy into it, as well as to gain their feedback and suggestions.

b) Make sure your staff are fully oriented about the event and have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. This will help you avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

c) You should focus on nurturing a culture around learning, especially one that promotes innovation and creativity. This may not be successful if they are simply used as one-off events by companies. There should be a continuous effort to promote these events long after the initial launch in order to increase buzz about them with regard to the benefits of business conference poster templates.

How can I design a hybrid event in 2022?

The first step is to choose the most appropriate method of getting your message across and present it in a visually and verbally appealing way. For example, podcasts are ideal for sharing lectures and speeches (as this is often how they were originally presented), whereas videos give you the freedom to create longer presentations if required.


As the world of business moves towards globalization and deal with international competitors and customers, it is inevitable that organizations will want to diversify their services and offer a little something more in order to stay on top of the competition. With that, HCEs are poised to play a vital role in helping companies attract and retain talented staff by providing them with an environment that offers growth opportunities. Just as businesses have a responsibility to nurture employees, they have another responsibility to make all these innovative changes focused on developing organizational excellence. 


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