Sales Manager Hacks: The Complete Guide to Making the Most of Your Team


Sales managers are responsible for coordinating the sales team, managing their work schedules, and making sure all of their needs are met. They also need to ensure that their staff is motivated and productive in order to maximize potential revenue. These hacks can help with this process by providing advice on how to optimize your time as a sales manager and identify areas where you can improve your management style.

Sales management is an art, not a science

They are just practical tips and tricks you can use to achieve success in your role as sales manager. They are aimed at helping you become a better sales manager. Sales manager hacks include tips on how to coach your team. Identify opportunities for growth among your staff, and create an atmosphere that helps employees feel motivated to perform their best work.

Sales Manager Hacks:

As a sales manager, your number one priority should be keeping your team motivated. It means making sure that every single person has an incentive to succeed in his or her job . That doesn’t mean giving them raises when they hit targets (although there’s nothing wrong with rewarding employees if morale is high). Rather, it’s about making sure that it is easier for them to succeed than fail.


For example, Salespeople are often paid based not on how many deals they close. But on how much money those deals make for their company . That means if you have a salesperson who isn’t closing any new business or one whose clients aren’t having the success your team needs them to have in order to hit their numbers then something has got to change. Maybe this person just needs some help building rapport with prospects or maybe he or she doesn’t know enough about what solutions can benefit his/her customers best. The point is that there should always be an incentive right around the corner. So everyone knows exactly why they’re doing what they do and how it benefits the company as a whole.

Salesforce metrics

As a Sales manager, you’ll want to make sure that everyone understands where they stand and what their incentives are. And one of the best ways to do this is by keeping track of each individual’s progress with Salesforce . Sales managers can use Salesforce metrics such as opportunities created or closed-won deals via Sales Cloud , average deal size on Service Cloud , and case volume through support channels like Desk365. So there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be using them every single day. This way, your team always knows just how much money has been brought in by each person and whether or not those numbers line up with what was expected  holding people accountable for hitting targets keeps

Sales Managers:

You’ve got a team, now what? Sales managers should be able to push their teams to the next level and drive revenue. But many managers struggle with how to get those results from their employees. If you’re having trouble making your sales process as transparent as possible or finding ways for your teammates to collaborate more effectively. Read on! And if not don’t worry this blog post has some other goodies in store!

Stay on top of deadlines.

Ensuring that everyone in the office knows exactly when their projects need to be completed by this will help them stay organized and focused while also allowing enough time for revision if necessary. Always set reasonable expectations rather than pushing deadlines too far past due dates this way they’ll feel inclined to get things done quickly without feeling overwhelmed with an unrealistic amount of pressure.

Encourage creative thinking at all times.

If you’re constantly asking your employees what they think about certain topics in meetings whether it be client feedback on new product designs or ways that ideas could be implemented differently with current campaigns then chances are they’ll continue feeling like their input matters enough to make an impact. This helps promote problem solving while also encouraging more open communication between employees and management.

Create a comfortable work environment.

There’s no reason why your employees should be constantly distracted by the fact that their chairs are too low or they’re constantly cold in the office; it will only make them more irritable throughout their day which can hinder productivity levels! It may seem like common sense. But investing in an ergonomic chair for each of your team members along with providing extra layers when necessary could go a long way to improving workplace morale. While also keeping everyone on task at all times.

Making the Most of Your Team:

There are many strategies that Sales Managers can use to ensure their team works together effectively. It is important for the success of your company. Two of the most effective ways Sales Management achieve this are through harnessing peer-to-peer accountability and fostering a strong Sales culture within the organisation.

  • Regular Sales Meetings
  • Use Technology and Tools Effectively
  • Design a Sales Strategy that Works for You and Your Business
  • Harness Peer
  • Accountability with Sales Managers
  • Foster a Strong Sales Culture within your Organisation.

Collaborative leadership

Both these elements should be present in any successful sales organisation. However it can often be difficult to find both working effectively together. This is where an effective CRM or collaborative leadership platform comes into play. Having one centralised location where all members have access will enable greater accountability from team members who may not communicate otherwise due to differing priorities, responsibilities etc. While also enabling Sales Managers to have greater oversight of their team’s performance.

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