What It’s Like Finishing Your Education

finishing education

Finishing college is an accomplishment. For some, it’s the achievement of a lifetime and for others it’s the beginning of a new chapter. You’re going to embark on at least four years of self-exploration and rediscovery, but how are you going to prepare? What can you do when the prospect of change is overwhelming? This blog post will outline what to expect from those first few weeks and months after graduation, as well as the joys that await you when all those worries start to subside. In this article Diplomsklub we’ll get to know what it’s like finishing your education. What It’s Like Finishing Your Education :

1. The Happy Grad Student

Is waiting nervously in line at the registrar’s office. Staring blankly ahead while she wonders if she is ready for this. If she even wants this. She’s thinking about the future, trying to predict what will happen when it finally arrives, but it’s impossible to think about the future with all of these people around her. Everyone is nervous and excited, because this is going to be life changing for all of them. 

They are filled with hope, but also fear about what will happen when they grow up now that they know this world exists and that there are things that are more important than school and social life – even though those things still matter. This student is worrying that she’s going to be unhappy, that she’ll hate her job and hate the things she has to do. She thinks maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all, but then again, how many people get a chance like this?

2. The Transition Grad Student

Is stretching her body and reminiscing about the past four years of college life. She has that annoying friend with her who never graduated from college and makes it clear in every way possible that anything less than a Master’s degree is a complete failure of human potential. This graduate is not nodding along completely in agreement because, of course, she knows that’s crazy talk. She’s really tired and a little depressed, because it’s all over now and she’ll never have this feeling again.

 This is the first time she has ever been without homework or a midterm. She won’t have to study for anything ever again, yet she’s kind of sad about that. She didn’t know this feeling until today – until she saw her last final and walked out of the classroom for good. She thinks about all of the places she visited, all of the friends that came and went, and how much trouble they got into together. The transition grad student is happy but also wishing there were more things left to do.

3. The Grad Student in School

Is still not sure what this thing is that she’s doing, but she knows it has something to do with school. She’s working on the last paper or reading the last book and trying to keep herself awake through all of the papers and papers. There’s no reason to be excited at graduation, because there are still so many papers to turn in and so much more work to do – just as there will be for her in the future. She is happy that it’s over with, though, because she doesn’t want today ever to end. 

She is exhausted from all of those late nights of studying, but she knows that there are years left to come for her – years filled with school work and homework. She is excited and terrified of the future, because she has seen what it can do. She’s seen her friends graduate from college and enter the real world, and she’s seen how that feels. She knows she’ll miss this feeling, but she also knows that there will be far more to life in the future than there is now.

4. The Happy Non-Grad Student

Has no idea what all the fuss is about college graduation. This friend has a different kind of happiness (which isn’t happy at all) to look forward to – happiness that comes from finally getting out of school and into the real world where people make money and buy houses and have their own lives. The happy non-grad student knows that that is what she will be doing within the next two weeks – before she realizes it, it will be over and she’ll never have to deal with college again.

Her biggest problem is figuring out what she’s going to do after school when there are so many choices available. She is amazed at how easy her life was compared to those around her, but she also has some doubts about how well she did in college. She knows that a lot of people didn’t like her because of all of the pranks and other things she did, but overall this graduate feels pretty confident about where life is headed for her.


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