Who got his Big Break by Becoming the First Grand Champion in the Comedy Category on “Star Search”?

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There are many reasons that stand out as to why John Mulaney was the first person to ever win “Star Search”’s comedy category. He had a unique comedic style, tons of ideas for jokes, and his timing was impeccable. 

The fact that he never stopped moving from the moment he started until the end of his routine would have been impressive in any setting, but this is especially true considering how much time it takes you to perform a comedy routine. 

However, it wasn’t all just luck and timing that put Mulaney on top; sheer talent helped him along with well written jokes and great delivery.

The answer is discussed here about who got his big break by becoming the first grand champion in the comedy category on “star search”?

The first and most obvious reason to name John Mulaney as “Star Search”’s first winner is his unique sense of humor. He had the ability to find sympathy in people, which made him a very likeable comedian. 

Most kids who watch “Star Search” will see contestants who are funny but not likeable, but Mulaney was able to be both funny and likeable at the exact same time, which is nearly unheard of. In addition to his comedic talents, he also had a fairly unique delivery technique that brought his jokes to life. 

He stood out amongst other comedians by combining physical comedy with delivery instead of doing each by itself.

Here some points are discussed-

1. First Ever Grand Winner

The first ever comedian to win “Star Search” was John Mulaney. He did this in May of 1992, and thus got his big break by winning the comedy category.

2. Unique comedic style 

John Mulaney’s unique delivery style was the foundation for his comedy routine. He stood out from other comedians by combining physical comedy, delivery and timing into a harmonious mixture that worked well.

3. Talented

John Mulaney was a very talented person and had many abilities when it came to comedy. He was very funny in person, which made him an easy favorite amongst audiences but at the same time he was also a more original comedian than most other “Star Search” contestants.

4. Likable

John Mulaney’s sense of humor was likable because he could make fun of himself through his jokes as well as other people/things that he found funny in real life while still maintaining a friendly likeable persona that would entertain kids who were watching “Star Search.”

5. Background

John Mulaney was born in New York City on June 27, 1969. He attended Cornell University with the goal of getting a degree in government as well as becoming a writer/comedian. He won “Star Search” in May of 1991 while still at Cornell and was asked to perform on an episode of “Saturday Night Live” that summer. 

He dropped out of school and went straight into trying to get a job writing for “Saturday Night Live” after his win on “Star Search”. While writing for SNL he got his start as a comedy writer through the show’s head writer, Dana Carvey.

6. Versatility

John Mulaney had a wide range of abilities and was able to improvise in any situation. How many other comedians are able to do long, complex jokes while standing still? He had the ability to create a comedy routine out of his movement instead of trying to make it all seem funny while he was standing still, which made him unique.

7. Timing

It wasn’t just enough for him to be funny; he also had to be able to make all these jokes work out at the same time, which is often hard for people who do stand up comedy because it takes so much more time than doing one joke.

In 1992 Mulaney published his first book, “The New York Times No. 1 bestseller, “John Mulaney: Collected Stories.”

Since the late 90s, Mulaney has performed on stage and television, including “Human Giant” on IFC and stand-up specials on Comedy Central and Showtime. In 2010 he wrote for the sitcom “Community” on NBC. He also wrote for “30 Rock” and was a correspondent for the show’s last season.

He was a regular writer on “Saturday Night Live”, writing six episodes over four years from 2008 to 2012. On December 11, 2013, NBC picked up the pilot script from his and Sam Means’ comedy sketch show “Mulaney.” The show was officially picked up in May 2014 with a 13-episode order by NBC.


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