A Company’s Mission Statement Typically Addresses Which of the Following Questions?


A company’s mission statement typically addresses which of the following questions?

The answer discussed here about a company’s mission statement typically addresses which of the following questions?

1) What will customers think of us? 

Answer: Company is proud that its customers believe in their products and services. Companies think that customers are important in the business process because they represent the company’s identity. Customers give company money, which gives employees a job, which makes the world a better place by creating jobs for more consumers.

2) What does our company do?

Answer: Companies would do whatever their customers ask them to, and their product would be good. Company’s business is in a competitive market, so company must compete and win.

3) What is the key to our company’s success?

Answer: Company’s quality products and services would make them succeed to make the world a better place. 

Company’s competitive prices, as well as its good reputation, would make people return to buy from the company. Company’s good reputation and quality products would let the company establish a competitive advantage.

4) Who are our customers? 

Answer: Customers can be people, organizations, or countries.They are the people who allow money to remain circulating in the system, allowing people to buy our products and services. 

This income enables consumers to work toward improving the world around them through purchasing goods and services and in turn creating jobs for other consumers who purchase their products and services as well.

5) What human resources will we need to make our mission possible?

Answer: Company should have enough staff and facilities to support the organization’s current business. Some of the things that the company needs include office building, computers, buses or trucks, plants, managers and workers.

6) What is special about our organization? 

Answer: The company is different from other organizations because it has a clear vision of its purpose and goals; it also has strong management that can keep the business on track toward success. 

For example, Southwest Airlines does not have some of the amenities that other airlines have such as food service or assigned seats but their staff are friendly and helpful even though they are cutting costs.

7) What will our competitors do?

Answer: Company’s competitors would do anything to get the business of their customers by offering better products and services. Competitors are constantly trying new things and improving their products, thus making the small differences between companies larger. Also, competitors will have similar products and services because they constantly learn from each other.

8) Why do we exist? 

Answer: Company exists because they believe their mission is important enough to use their time, money, energy, and talent in order to create a company that would provide whatever people want in terms of quality goods or services. This way they are able to make the world a better place by providing superior products at a reasonable price.

9) Why do we want to exist? 

Answer: Company wants to exist because it believes that doing something that makes the world a better place, whether it is by improving education, medical care, or transportation, for example. The company believes that its specific job drives society forward in some way.

10) How will we become a more valuable organization? 

Answer: Organization wants to become more valuable by providing better products or increasing their reputation. 

For example, Southwest Airlines believes that by setting its prices lower than other airlines, people will accept the lower cost and be willing to fly with them. By providing a good product and service, this company believes it can get more customers.

11) How will our employees develop into powerful leaders? 

Answer: Employees want to become powerful leaders by learning new skills such as team building, developing their communication skills, and working toward a common goal. Employees also want to create more communications with other employee groups such as police departments, fire departments, or water districts.

12) What strategies do we use to make ourselves competitive? 

Answer: Strategies can be used in order for the company to achieve its mission statement for better products and services. For example, customers of companies should be treated with respect. 

Companies should have a good reputation in their areas so that they are able to become a leader in the industry. Organizations should be able to communicate better with their staff members, so they can effectively deliver the products and services that the company provides.

13) How will we communicate with our employees, suppliers and customers?

Answer: Organization would communicate with their employees by providing them training programs and meetings that would help prepare them for the daily tasks of their job. Organizations should also provide their customers with some type of newsletter or e-mail that explains new products or services that the organization is offering to its customers.


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