10 Risks of Going to a Drug Test


Going to a Wegmans drug testing can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you have something to hide. It’s not uncommon for people to take drugs, drink too much alcohol or use other substances before they go in. Here are 10 risks of going to a drug test!

1. The Test is Not Accurate: 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because their drug test is positive, it means that they are using drugs. In fact, a positive drug test result only means that there is a certain level of the drug in your system. It doesn’t necessarily mean you took the drugs – you could have got them from someone else or even inhaled secondhand smoke at home or in a bar.

2. You’re Picked on Random: 

Most employers or organizations who carry out tests usually have to follow strict procedures and make sure they don’t discriminate against anyone. However, some people, who appear to be more vulnerable to drug use than others, are often chosen at random for drug testing. They could be a group of friends or even work colleagues. If you happen to be picked and have used drugs, it’s easy to get caught out.

3. You Accidentally Use What You Think is Clean Urine: 

When taking a drug test, you have to provide a sample of your urine yourself by either peeing into a cup or in the toilet. Urine that is collected in this way is usually clean, but if you forget to pee or if you are wearing diapers, you can easily make a mistake and end up using something that has been used by someone else.

4. You Accidentally Swallow Your Urine: 

When you take a drug test, you always have to bring your own urine sample. If you swallow it by mistake or if something gets stuck in your throat, then it can make getting a positive test result very unlikely. If you swallow your urine when taking a drug test, it could be found on the inside of your throat or even in your stomach. Even if this doesn’t happen to you, it’s a scary thought!

5. You Drink Coffee or Other Caffeinated Drinks: 

Caffeine is a common substance that people use to try and pass their drug test. It has been known to work in the past, but it can also have some unexpected results. Many people who use drugs regularly find that they can’t get through the day without their morning coffee. The problem is, a lot of drug tests can be detected by drinking too much coffee.

6. You Take a Bolus (A Pill to Help You Pass the Test): 

There are some people who mistakenly trip on some pills that they think will help them pass a drug test. They take these pills before they take the test and end up passing. There are some other drugs that can help you pass a test, but this is not recommended as it is cheating and isn’t fair to all the other participants in the test.

7. You Forget to Eat or Drink: 

Drinking too much water or drinking coffee can make it harder to pass a drug test. It’s important for everyone to eat and drink throughout the day so that their body is well-hydrated, but this does not mean that you should take all of your urine with food. You have to keep yourself hydrated at all times when you are taking a drug test. If you forget to eat or drink enough water, it’s possible that whatever you have taken will be found in your urine.

8. You Don’t Schedule Enough Time: 

If you are taking a drug test regularly, you should try and schedule it at the same time every week. If you don’t do this, it’s likely that you might forget when the test is and this can cause problems when you go to take it. If you arrive late for a drug test, it won’t be a good idea as you won’t get as much time to take the test and give them your sample after your pee.

9. You Have a Cold: 

It’s not recommended that you take a drug test when you have a cold as your body might end up rejecting it. This means that even if you have used the drug, your body will just reject it and your urine will come out of the other end clean. You can get rid of a cold pretty easily, but if you skip the drug test because you have one, then there is no chance of using drugs again.

10. You Have a Hangover: 

If you have been partying the night before or if you have been drinking lots of alcohol, it’s not recommended that you take a drug test. This is because your body might reject your urine and end up passing the drugs through your other end.


There is a risk that you might not get the job, you might end up being fined or suffer the social stigma if you are caught out. This can be avoided by abstaining from drug usage and instead choosing to take a fake pee kit 


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