Why inpatient rehab near me is the best choice to help those with cocaine addiction

cocaine addiction

Cocaine is a strong addictive stimulant that is mainly smoked, snorted, or injected. After cocaine use, you will experience euphoria, heightened concentration in whatever you are doing, positive moods, and talkativeness. As the drug leaves the system, you might experience agitation, confusion, anxiety, and irritability. Similar to other drugs, continued cocaine use causes addiction. According to statistics, approximately 1800 Americans try cocaine for the first time daily.

Cocaine causes addiction by affecting the functioning of the dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain, which is responsible for euphoric emotions and reward pathways. Thereby creating a dependence on cocaine use for the same emotions. It will significantly affect your health when it gets to the over-dependence stage. However, it can be reversed by seeking rehabilitation.

Inpatient or outpatient rehab? Inpatient rehab is characterized by intensive treatment with 24-hour care, while outpatient rehab is partial treatment (during the day). Ideally, choosing an inpatient rehab near me has proven to be more of the more effective option. Below is a vivid explanation of why local inpatient rehab is a better option for cocaine addiction.

Constant supervision

As a cocaine abuser recovering from addiction, you are bound to experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms; the withdrawal symptoms include erratic sleep, anxiety, depression, cocaine craving, and irritability. In extreme cases, you might experience psychotic symptoms such as hallucination and delusions. Therefore, it is extremely deadly to be left unsupervised in such a condition since you pose a danger to yourself and those around you.

Success rate

You will be exposed to temptations daily in outpatient rehab since you can easily access cocaine when outside. Additionally, you are surrounded by peers you used to abuse cocaine with. This lures you to go back to drug abuse. Even though you might be assertive at first, it is only a matter of time before the urge and peer pressure break you. 

In contrast, you are shut out from the outside world when you are in an inpatient rehab near me. This makes cocaine inaccessible, hence putting you in a better position to completely stop and avoid any relapse. 

According to research studies, if you opt for inpatient rehab, you have a better chance of entirely detoxifying. Resultantly, you will have improved occupational, psychological, physical, and social functioning.

Recovery as a community

One of the reasons behind complete cocaine recovery is going through the journey as a group. In an inpatient rehab center, you will go through the recovery journey with staff, therapists, and fellow cocaine addicts. This whole group will serve as your support system and ease your road to sobriety. Having some who can fit in your shoes is pivotal to recovery. They not only offer a shoulder to lean on but also spread love, hope, and kind words.

On the contrary, outpatient rehab offers a hostile recovery environment. You will mostly be faced with stigmatization and harsh judgement from non-addict. This makes the sobriety journey even more challenging than it already is.


Being inhabited in a controlled and safe environment frees you from any stress. Additionally, you do not have any responsibilities to accomplish. This puts you in a good mental space to introspect about your behavior and actions. In the process, you will be able to find out the co-occurring disorders and manage them appropriately. This drastically impacts your recovery. 

Cocaine causes addiction by reprogramming the brain’s reward system. However, you can reverse this by choosing an inpatient rehab near me. This is more effective than the outpatient option because of a controlled environment, time to focus on yourself, medical and communal support.


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