7 Packing Tips To Help Your Move Go Smoothly

Packing Tips

Moving is one of those times in life that we all dread. It is challenging, exhausting, and extremely demanding on our nerves and patience. 

However, if you plan and get organized – everything will go smoothly. Having a system for how you pack things is the key to having a smooth time. 

This article contains some helpful packing tips you need to consider before calling up moving companies for your next move.

1. Create a List

The first thing you should do when getting ready to move is to create a list of everything you need to do to get ready. You will likely have a lot of things to do, which is why a list is so helpful. 

A packing checklist can help keep track of everything you need to do. You will want to list all the supplies and packing materials you need, the things you need to take care of before the move, the things you need to do during the move, and the things you need to do after the move.

2. Organize Before You Start Packing

When you are packing, you will want to ensure that everything is organized and easy to find, so you don’t waste time searching for things. You can organize things with boxes and bags, label them, and stack them in a way that makes sense. 

For instance, you can use boxes for larger items, bags for smaller items, and plastic bins for things like blankets, towels, and bedding.  

3. Make A Schedule

Making a packing schedule is very important. It will give you timelines on when you need to pack different items. This is especially important if you have a lot of stuff or little time to spare between your days. 

You can create a packing schedule based on the days before your move, the rooms in your home, or any other way that works best for you. 

4. Label Everything

Label everything you are packing, including your boxes and bags, so you can easily identify what is inside. You can label boxes by room, type of item, or what is inside. This practice makes it easier for moving companies as they do their job since they’ll be able to tell what’s fragile and what isn’t.

5. Use Sturdy Boxes  

When packing, you want to make sure you are using sturdy boxes of the right size. You also want to use enough packing materials, so your stuff doesn’t shift around inside the boxes. 

You can also use bubble wrap for fragile items, paper for lightweight items, and packing peanuts for heavier items. 

Remember to stack them in a way that makes sense, so you can easily move them around when it is time to move.

6. Pack Important Items First

While it may seem like a good idea to start packing light items first, packing your heavy items can make things easier. If you pack your light items first, they could get crushed by your heavier items.

7. Decide What To Keep, Donate, and Throw Away Now

Before you even start packing, you should decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away. This will save you a lot of time and frustration when you actually get around to packing. It will also help you declutter so your new space can have more room.

In Conclusion

Packing your things doesn’t have to be an arduous task. The secret to having an easy time when moving goes back to preparation and organization. 

Create a list, organize before you start packing, make a packing schedule, label everything, and use sturdy boxes. With these tips, you will have an easy time packing for your next move.


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