How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for Your Business


Whether a small-scale business or a big franchise, we know that a great deal of work goes into any business. Stores with several locations often receive feedback or complaints regarding their inconsistent customer service throughout different locations.

So, can you ensure a high-quality and consistent experience for your franchise? One easy way out is to opt for a mystery shopping program.

But what is mystery or secret shopping? The research methodology gathers and evaluates data to check a company’s product or service.

It is a well-known and proven way to anonymously audit the customer experience offered at several locations of your business and learn how it differs. Here is the step-by-step process to execute a secret shopping program for your business.

Step 1: Know about the locations of your branch

The process of executing a mystery shopping program is to understand your business. If you have multiple franchises, you must first learn about your locations.

Check the different specifics of the location, for example, its parking options, proximity to other stores, staff, etc. During a typical customer experience check-up, the mystery shopper will then be able to assess any negative factors, if any.

This way, you can pinpoint high and low-efficient locations or branches.

Step 2: Set brand standards and ensure everyone complies

Another important step in executing a mystery shopping program is to set brand standards. Setting the brand standards will also ensure objectives for your staff.

You need standards against which the mystery shopper will assess the location. As a head of the business, mystery shopping makes it convenient for you to learn what goes on in day-to-day business activities.

Step 3: Learn what to do with competitors

You must understand how your competitors perform to reach the top of your industry. And as we all know; healthy competition is good competition.

Whether choosing mystery shopping for restaurants or any other industry, mystery shopping can help you gain insights into what you should do and should not. It will target areas where your competitors are going wrong and uncover key metrics that differentiate your business.

It will help you uniquely position your brand and, thus, give you long-term benefits.

Step 4: Choose an appropriate mystery shopping solution

You must look for an excellent secret shopping program to execute a good mystery shopping evaluation for your business.

You will find several services that conduct mystery shopping for restaurants, the health sector, hospitality, grocery, and other sectors. However, the service provider with more experience and quality assurance will achieve the desired results.

Mystery shopping services must possess some basic qualities and offer you the necessary tools for better business insights. You can compare different services and decide which suits your franchise or industry.

Create a customer-centric business using the top mystery shopping services!

Robust reporting, advanced automation, richer results, and tailored mystery shopping service programs will give you the benefit of delivering the consistency your customers desire.


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