Better buds silverdale:


Better Buds, discovered in Silverdale at 10384 Silverdale Way Nw and it conveys an alternative of CBD and THC dispensary products to help customers get the relaxation that they need and deserve! 

All marijuana products sold at open dispensaries must have been demonstrated and examined according to the examination rules and regulations determined by Cannabis Board and Washington State Liquor and the products must present the perfect and correct documentation logo.

  • Medical Patients get preferences and in many situations, they may “skip” the line.
  • Prices for Washington MedCard Holders are lesser than for Retail clients.
  • In states with MedCard Reciprocity, card-conveying patients may do shopping at the dispensaries that deliver, when they visit them.

About Better Buds Port Silverdale:

Dave & Tina Comeau steadfast the first Better Buds cannabis market store in Port Hadlock Washington in the year 2016 with Dave’s brother John Comeau’s help. 5 years ahead of opening Better Buds Silverdale WA, Tina experienced various back surgeries. and she did not want to use opioid painkillers, on the other hand, Dave started booming medical cannabis for Tina so that she may use it for sting conduction.

Better buds Take Business Personally:

Dave & Tina sample each of the products that were in the stores so that they can make sure that the product’s quality is compatible with  A+ grade products available there.

Better Buds Silverdale WA has absolutely the best customer service and the largest collection of cannabis and CBD products as well.

Better Buds Silverdale gives amazing Customer Service At 3 Locations:

Better Buds has three locations that are-Silverdale, Port Hadlock, and Longview to serve you better. Better buds have the biggest collection of cannabis products at a very low cost. Our Budtenders are exceptionally experienced in choosing cannabis or CBD (Cannabidiol)-related products for your service.

We carry Plain and simple products in our service. When you come into our storefronts out of three, then be sure about the products, it will meet your expectations, and also you will be greeted there with a smile and cooperative service. All the budtenders express the same devotion for the cannabis industry and they are very well educated and also well trained on all the products of our service. Budtenders may give answers regarding all your queries and questions even if you are new to the CBD world or cannabis, or if you are a  professional.

Better Buds -Your Source for High-Quality Cannabis and CBD:

At Better Buds, we see our store just like any other dispensaries that deliver and are intense regarding our store products. We have made our brand for high-quality cannabis with passion and are committed to giving CBD products and the best cannabis in our circle.

We built our brand to give the highest quality cannabis and CBD products at very affordable prices so that everybody may be able to protect themselves with wellness and better physical health.

Our Story Fuels Our Commitment to Quality:

Dave and Tina, The owners, established Better Buds with a purpose to help others through their iconic use of CBD products and cannabis and it is so beneficial with natural healing. Tina experienced many painful back surgeries, before opening Better buds, and was inspired to help his wife in managing the pain, Dave started growing his own medical CBD products and cannabis and hence fell in love with all processes.

Today, Dave and Tina have a determination and passion for growing CBD products and cannabis for their healing stuff and they are helping their circle and community to get better physical health and proper wellness by using their products and natural remedies.

 What Better Buds Is All About?

If you need to know about what we are talking about and want to know how better buds are changing the shopping experience of cannabis and CBD products. then come watch us right now, today! Better buds have 3 convenient locations that are Silverdale, Port Hadlock, and Longview. Better buds are looking forward to welcoming you to the Better Buds Community!

What are the Expectations with Better Buds:

Whenever anyone visits one of our three locations, he is treated there with all the kindness and full respect. well-informed budtenders are cannabis, which is fully intense regarding their business. They are always available to solve your queries so you may communicate with “cannabis” whenever and as much as you want.


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