Top Features of Replicon Software vs BigTime Software


Replicon is a global platform with up to 450k trusted users. One of the leading companies with time-tracking features, Replicon is also able to provide labor compliance management options and revenue leakage prevention. The BigTime software is providing its services to more than 2,000 firms at the moment. The reason that BigTime provides an unmatched set of time management features is that it has been running since 2002. Two decades of experience have led it to excel and establish itself as reliable software. 

This Replicon vs BigTime guide will help you determine which one will fit your business the best. 

Replicon Software

It is of utmost value to have accurate data about the time and expenses being invested in a project. The Replicon software integrates several tools to capture the accurate details of a project and help you prevent revenue leakage as well as maximize productivity. Let’s discuss the features in detail:

Project Time Tracking 

All projects are bound by time. Therefore, the importance of time cannot be undermined. Replicon understands the value of time tracking and therefore the project-time tracking function integrates configurable timesheets so you can manage business details. Additionally, you can optimize push notifications to encourage your employers to submit updates on time. 

In fact, the mobile management apps make it far more accessible to enter accurate time reports even as they are on the go. The AI-enabled chatbots enhance the accuracy of time entry of projects. Meanwhile, users can also track the time that is being spent on a project against targets and generate insights about productivity. 

Time and Attendance

If you want to be able to track your employees, you will find the time and attendance features to be quite resourceful. The timesheets can be customized so they are able to accumulate data that is relevant to your company and payroll purposes.

You can capture all types of details that include clock in time, clock out time, meal breaks, or even rest breaks. In addition, you can configure multi-level approval workflows so that they are validated by the managers before being accessed by the team. 

It is also equally simple for the employees to manage time through the mobile app which features the touchless Time Clock App integrated with facial recognition and also voice-assisted commands. 

With help of this function, you can ensure that your team is also able to access timesheets in order to properly request time off or check balance leaves. This feature is also able to support compliance functions so you can stay ahead of the evolving laws for labor regulations or statuary pay. 

Workforce Management 

There are different easy through which the Replicon software simplest the way that you control or manage your workforce. Besides time entry, it ensures that the features are applicable to different types of work settings such as remote, distributed, contingent, exempt, non-exempt, and part-time. The workforce management system is further able to analyze the weekly aggregate hours. 

The quick insights feature is useful to understand how best to manage time and what the productivity level is. At the same time, you can control employee shifts and assign tasks by checking the availability of the resources. Another brilliant usage of this feature is that you can respond to emergencies by ensuring that tasks are being assigned to a workforce that is able to meet the requirements. 

Replicon Demo 

The Replicon software also provides demos for all the products that are listed on the software. The Replicon demo is divided product-wise so that you can see how they respond to your needs. 

Bigtime Software

The bigtime software is also a great option for managing resources, tracking time, and staying on top of budget expenses as well. One of the reasons that BigTime reviews hype up the software is because it is able to integrate high-end solutions for daily management requirements. If you are interested in seeing how BigTime can align with your business, here is a comprehensive detail of some of its highlighted features:

Time and Expense Tracking 

The BigTime software equips the users with pre-populated timesheets. The sheets are able to auto-fill and auto-save information so that you do not have to enter repetitive information every day. If you want to limit who accesses the sheets and how much they are able to do, you can set custom rights for managers. 

You can eliminate the probability of errors by limiting access of staff to the timesheets as well. They will only be able to make changes to the information that is relevant to them. Another simple way to practice control is by setting an option lockout and limiting the submission time. 

You can easily categorize your projects under important titles such as billable, non-billable, reimbursable, etc. Furthermore, to keep track of expenses, you can update credit card changes to the projects and eventually to QuickBooks. 

Project Management 

Gantt charts are available for visual management of timesheets with more control over details. Users can track details like the development of a project and task dependencies through the Gantt charts. Similarly, it is possible to set milestones and determine critical paths as well. 

This is a very insightful tool for coming to terms with gaps within a project so you can make informed decisions about what requires more attention. 

The project management tools are critical for staying on track and making sure that you are not falling behind on deadlines. One way that Bigtime software achieves that is by estimating the time that is required to finish the project. 

Additionally, you can track multiple projects at the same time. To ensure that the tasks are being performed well and according to delivery dates, you can easily assign them to staffers whose skill set matches that of the project. 

BigTime Demo

If BigTime sounds like it is the solution to your time and expense management requirements, you can also request a 10-minute demo. The BigTime demo will guide you about the products and how you can utilize them to maximize profits. 


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