AdvancedMD EMR streamlines clinical workflows by making patient information management a lot easier. Furthermore, AdvancedMD EMR also provides you with facilities like e-faxing interfaces, telehealth capabilities, and integrated telephone software, ensuring quality time with your patients and less time on official tasks. This tool keeps your patients’ information up to date in real-time. It improves the quality of your cut costs and gains a competitive advantage.

Healow has the ability to allow patients to gain access to their medical records as well as to manage their own health. The app enables the patient to combine the data from all of their health sources so that the patient can have a full view of their medical record in one place. It also manages your appointments and medicines through reminders. Healow software helps you in functions like note-taking and sending messages to the physicians.

Healow Medical employs mobile technology to integrate all the aspects of a patient’s health care, improve the physician-patient relationship, and keep the patient up to date about their own healthcare.


Since 1999, AdvancedMD has provided service to more than 26,000 professionals across 8,600 practices. It was also ranked #1 in ambulatory EHR software for 2018. With some major customers like Colorado Dermatology Institute, Florida Pro-Health and  Center For Balanced Health, etc.

AdvancedMD EHR software is established to be net-based and simplified for advanced medical note-taking. It is suitable for setups of any size or scope. This EHR programming is planned for use in a hurry, on tablets, or telephones, however, can without much of a stretch be introduced in any work area climate. Any organization using it can generate more revenue and enhance practice traffic without compromising on quality care.


Stay Agile: Throughcare providers, AdvancedMD EHR can efficiently absorb and transfer volumes of patient and medical details across the system. It is built around simple yet versatile point-and-click interfaces, making it easy for physicians to explore. 

Patient-Centered: Advanced MD is built to serve the patient and provides them with high-quality care with its amazing features.

Compliance:  AdvancedMD EHR can handle all the regulations and legal guidelines with ease. It controls substance prescriptions and maintains MIPS, HIPAA, and MACRA compliance too. 

Cut Costs: With remarkable electronic tools and functions like advanced workflow features and e-prescribing you can easily cut costs and increase efficiency 


AdvancedMD software has a ‘GOOD’ User Satisfactory Rating of 72% when considering   375 user reviews from 3 well-known software review sites and the following pros & cons have been compiled by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


Customization:  More than 65% were satisfied with the customizations available as add-ons to the system.

Integration: Out of  10% of reviews, 85% of them felt the system successfully collaborated with their other medical software programs.


Functionality: Although the system offers a large list of features, 67% of reviews felt a lack of functionality.

Implementation: It does not offer enough implementation support and the software has a steep learning curve, as noted by more than 80% of user reviews.

Price: Of the users who mention price in their review, more than 90% were upset with hidden fees and felt that the system’s high price was not worth the money.

Customer Support:  65% of customer reviews noted that customer support was difficult to contact, and often failed to resolve the issues users reported.


Healow is a clinician-based software for physicians, operators, and hospitals. Its features are accessible on Windows, Mac,  Android, and iOS. Healow EMR is a great source of medical knowledge for students and health care providers and it falls in the category of one of the best EMR systems.


Automated Reminders: Ability to set reminders for appointments.

Lifestyle and Health Management: Through this app, you can access health goals, records, and metrics and interact with healthcare professionals from anywhere. 

Healow Mom: Healow EMR provides tools needed for expecting mothers to maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare them for birth.

Healow Kids: Provide parents with tools for managing children’s health and habits.

Trackers: Track user-health records and transfer that information to healthcare providers. 

Interactive Alerts:  Through Healow Medical interaction with healthcare providers occurs directly from the mobile application. Other apps control the following,

Medicine Management: It keeps a log of all the medications. 

Built for the Patient: enables patient scheduling, medical charting, and medication records. 

Saves Time: It saves time by eradicating lengthy phone calls and enabling instant scheduling.

Empowers Users: Enable users access to medical history and charting information. 


Healow EMR has a ‘FAIR’ User Satisfaction Rating of 69% when observing 418 user reviews from 2 known software review sites.


Functionality: Healow Medical EMR simplifies patient scheduling, reviewing documents, and imaging.

Notes:  77% of reviews observe the capability to log telephone conversations among employees or make notes under a patient’s profile.

Templates: Healow creates templates easily and enables copying and sending previous clinical notes.


UI: The system’s UI is clunky and confusing as noted by about 85% of reviews.

Learning Curve: Nearly 78% of reviews believed that the program is very difficult to get used to and needs a steep learning curve to have a grasp on all of its functions.

Updates, Integrations, Features: It consumes a lot of time according to  81% of reviewers who mentioned implementation using Healow Medical Software.

Support: Nearly 87% of the users said that the system offers slow technical support and wastes a lot of time in the resolution of the errors.


According to user feedback, some of the product limitations  include:

  •  Graphics are dated. 
  • Cost is at the higher end. 
  • Customer support is not proactive.


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