Most Common Job Interview Questions in Singapore


If you’re a fresh graduate, there is no doubt that you would have been looking for ways to ace your following job interview. One way to do this is by preparing yourself for the standard interview questions. In this article, I will be focusing on Singapore’s most common interview questions

Tell Me About Yourself

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions in an interview. The interviewer asks this question to get to know you better as a person and gauge your suitability for the position. This is not your time to show off how great you are, but to be honest and humble while being sure to mention your strengths.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

The interviewer wants to get a sense of what kind of employee you are and how committed you are to your work. If you were fired or laid off, it is best not to lie because they will find out eventually if they hire you. Be honest but don’t dwell on it for too long. Focus on what you learned from the experience and what you plan to do differently in your next job.

What Are Your Strengths/Weaknesses?

This is another common question that is asked during an interview. It can be difficult for many people because it requires self-reflection and the ability to discuss yourself objectively without sounding arrogant or conceited. It’s best not to brag about yourself here but rather discuss a couple of strengths that make you.

What is your biggest weakness? His is an age-old trick question, as many interviewers believe interviewees will try to mask their weaknesses as strengths to impress. But the trick to answering this is not to be too clever. Instead, you should be honest and explain how you have turned a weakness into a strength. For example, suppose you are someone who struggles with organization. In that case, you can say, “My biggest weakness used to be organization but I have learned over time to create a system for myself and my colleagues in order to combat it.” You can also explain how you are working on improving yourself or planning on overcoming your weakness by taking up courses or some form of self-improvement.

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

You should always do your research about the company before going for an interview, so this question shouldn’t be too hard for you! When answering this question, avoid mentioning things like “the pay is good” or “I like the reputation of your company.” Instead, mention specific examples of what impressed you about the company and why it made you want to join them.

What Are Your Best Qualities?

During your interview, you will likely be asked about the qualities that make you suitable and qualified for the job in question. This question allows you to put yourself in the best light possible and give specific examples of how you are a perfect candidate for the position.

Why Did You Decide To Apply For This Job?

Employers want to hire people who are genuinely interested in their job openings and not just hopping from one company to another or looking for any job they can find (which is not uncommon when the economy is wrong).

Wrapping Up

Getting a job interview is tricky. Qualifying for the job and getting your foot in the door is even more challenging. One of the most common ways a company will want to assess your skill level is through their interview questions. And because there’s a lot involved, it’s not about how much you know but how well you can sell yourself to the employer.


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