Create an Attractive Video Collage

Video Collage

A video collage is one of the exceptional ways one can capture a story. Whether you are using video collages to add to your social media channels, for marketing purposes, or for personal use, there are various online options to customize something unique. 

You can use video collages as mood boards, product presentations, or even document an influencer trip. But you need to brainstorm the layout and the order of images, videos, text, and transitions. For example, you prefer the images and videos to follow a conventional order or be more consistent for a formal video collage. For a fun marketing video collage that you intend on including in your email campaign or social media platform, ensure that the content includes funky visuals that stand out.

You should aim for the shock and awe factor with bright, bold colors. It is important to clearly understand the tone, so the collage does not look at odds with the company’s other content. For example, it would be impractical to include a bright yellow collage in a company Instagram feed with a pastel hue. For a detailed breakdown of how to create an attractive video collage, check out our tips and steps below. 

Decide a Layout

Whatever collage maker you use, the first thing you must take into account is the layout. Choose between different placement and sizes and find one that best fits your goals. 

For example, if you want to add many photos, it would help to include a collage with multiple cells. If you have a combination of travel snaps, food, or clothing snaps, choosing a layout with different sizes for each category makes sense. At this stage, also choose an attractive background, color, and animation to add to your collage. A video collage maker offers numerous benefits, and it helps provide a foundation for your work by offering templates, font options, graphics, and even royalty-free images.

Add Images and Videos

The next step in creating your video collage is adding relevant photos and videos. Play around with the placement or order of photos and videos until you get what you want. You can even add stock images provided by your collage makers and customize them with unique videos.

Collage makers also provide the availability to choose a background color, adjust the length of videos, increase or decrease photos’ size and add other design elements like texture, animation, graphics, etc. You can also add music from a royalty-free music library or your unique tunes to go along with the video.

Voiceovers are another option. Music and voiceover can be added as an introduction, in the middle or the end. It can also be added as a transition. Some videos can also be customized to play without sound. 

Choose an Attractive Collage Background

Most collage makers offer a standard white or black background but with the option to customize according to your needs. Choose the options provided to add interest to your collage. Add a distinctive logo or background color that matches your brand for a stand-out look.

If you do not have much time or need a little assist, consider using pre-provided backgrounds and customize by changing the colors, graphs, etc. Most collage makers offer a variety of aesthetics segregated by platform, task, aesthetic, mood, or color. Play around with one that is exactly right for your needs. 

Modify Cell Sizes

Use the options provided in your collage makers to customize cell sizes. You can even stretch and shrink the cells and shrink the images to be added within the cell. Collage makers also offer the option to delete or add cells.

Use all the customization options available. A pro tip is that every time you add a new cell, the cell’s content will shrink. If you want the images and videos to be clear and impactful, it helps to use fewer cells.

Add Design, Spacing, and Borders

You can choose to customize the space between the cells and even the borders. For instance, include your brand’s logo in the borders or between the cells. And you can always adjust the spaces using the spacing slider provided. 

Add Engaging Text

The text is the perfect complement to images and videos. The text helps provide context and brand recall. Add graphics, designs, and text to your video collage. Further, you can also customize the graphics and designs added. Along with graphics, you can add popular GIFs or create your quotes, titles, subtitles, etc.

Resizing Your Collage

When choosing a collage, make sure you choose one that fits your need. For instance, make sure your collage matches the eventual destination. Instagram may not accept the dimension that Facebook does etc.

Research the ideal dimensions of your social media channel and edit your collage to match. Make sure resizing does not affect the visual appeal, and remember to edit the images within the cells after resizing. 

Final Steps

As a final step, do not forget to take a final look at your collage to ensure it is just right. Check for grammatical mistakes, color correction, and size issues. Once you are satisfied and depending on the collage makers you are using, download to your computer first. You can also directly upload it on your desired social media platform.

Final Tips and Tricks

Before creating a video collage, make sure you put in sufficient time in pre-prep and have collected ample references and inspiration. For example, if you create a video collage of a trip to Greece, collect complementary colors, patterns, texts, and language that you would like to include. Or if you are a brand creating a video collage of new products to be launched-collect the logo you would like included, important information that you would like to share about the line, etc.

It is important to ensure that the collage has clarity in the text should not obscure the images or vice versa. The text should not be so wordy that the viewer loses interest in the video, and the color should not be so subdued that it reads boring and unmemorable. You can always add infographics and website links for added clarity.


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