Finding the Best Ways to Stay Organised While Prepping for Your Big Move


Every time someone changes communities or moves, there is a steep learning curve and an adjustment period that almost everyone experiences. If you’re moving somewhere far from where you live or where your family lives, it can also be tricky to learn new routines as well. Here are some ways you can stay organised while you were prepping for this big move!

What Should You Keep in Your Home Before Moving?

It’s important to start looking at every item in your home and remove anything that could be deemed unsafe or unnecessary. Try to get rid of personal items you might regret not having when living away from them. Prepare a list of everything that you must store in your new home, then look at what is focused around said items on Amazon and order the right sizes.

What to Pack When Moving Out

So, you’re moving, but it hasn’t even been a year yet and most people start to panic about what to pack. However easily your move may be, there are still steps you need to take and the overall best guide to packing minimizes the time and resources needed. When moving it is imperative that you de-clutter at home and pack in separate boxes anything that can’t go with you on the move. It will save money on storage within the truck during transport help free up space when you get settled as well as simplify your unpacking process.

Important Documents You May Need

Going into any big move with a clear head, is difficult and stressful enough as it is; but what if you were also planning on being moving across the world? Prepping for an imminent big move brings added stress and it can be extra difficult to stay organised. Find out how to organise yourself so you’re not constantly replacing important documents.

Hire professional moving company for ease

In general, it’s simply better to hire a moving company than attempt to have any other member of your household pack everything in their own cars. Although there are many benefits to downsizing, including a cheaper move and more room in the new home, getting your rest days organized correctly can be challenging. Whether you relocate for work or retirement, it is best to leave your belongings in the care of professional Gold Coast movers. They have years of experience in handling delicate objects such as fine china and glass so nothing gets broken. You will also want to hire professionals as you deplete precious energy preparing before your move or this will lead to frustration on both ends.

Checklist for a Better Move

Need to pack up your whole house before the big move? Does the thought of tossing everything you own make your stomach turn? Checklists are here to save the day! In most cases no matter how much time you’ve spent preparing – it’s always worth making some time for a few minutes checking off important things like clothes, chargers, toiletries and other personal items that need to be packed.


As a busy single mom, it was important for me to be able to stay organized without feeling the impact on my day to the point where I didn’t even notice what changes I had made. When looking for solutions, I found that using a setlist of daily habits helped me keep myself on track and feel like I was accomplishing more. Setting reminders for when you are due for certain tasks also make tracking how much time has elapsed really simple!


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