Sleep Your Way to Better Health: 5 Common Mattress Types Explained


Over the years, the mattress industry has been growing and advancing to cater to the needs of different sleepers worldwide. There are many debates on which is the best mattress nowadays but remember that each individual has their preference. The mattress that is ideal for you will differ for the other person. 

Selecting and purchasing a mattress requires extensive product research on materials, price, preferences, and other factors that can influence your buying process. Knowing the number of brands and manufacturers that sell mattresses in online and physical stores is not an easy task.  To help you with your journey, here are the five common mattress types to consider. 

Memory Foam

If you look up for the best mattress reviews 2021 has in store, feedback for memory foam mattress will always be on top of the list. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for providing instant pain relief after waking up with body aches and pains. It is also known to have a heat-activated material that hugs your body in response to temperature providing you a warm sleep every night. 

Memory foam mattresses are known for providing a supportive sleeping surface and having good motion isolation that is ideal if you are sleeping with a partner who tends to toss and turn during the night. Its spinal alignment benefit is also one of the advantages of owning a memory foam mattress. 


Due to its numerous advantages, a latex mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in the market. It is durable, provides a lot of support, and is highly breathable. A latex mattress can also adjust itself quickly to your sleeping position. As a result, your body is kept relaxed and comfortable.

A latex mattress can gently cradle heavier body parts that receive too much pressure when sleeping, such as the hips and shoulder. It has a strong elasticity that can support and comfort the neck and back and maintain the spine’s natural position. This type of mattress is beneficial for sleepers who have back or joint problems.

If you are a sleeper prone to allergies, a latex mattress can help you solve that problem since they are known to be hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. 


One of the oldest and most common mattress types available in the market worldwide is an innerspring mattress. Over the past few years, innerspring mattresses have been developed and improved to provide comfort and support. Innerspring mattresses are affordable and can accommodate different sleepers.  

Whatever position you sleep in, whether you’re on your side or back, you can sleep comfortably on an innerspring mattress. If you like to change positions during the night, the natural bounce of the mattress makes it simple to move around the surface. An innerspring mattress is your best option if you tend to sleep hot at night, as the space between the coils allows lots of air to flow freely.

When considering purchasing an innerspring mattress, knowing what kind of coil is inside is an essential factor to consider. Innerspring mattresses have various types of coils that can influence comfort and firmness levels. So technically, how an innerspring mattress feels and how long it would last depends on the type and construction of coils. 


For the past years, there has been much significant development in mattress design and types. One of those developments is the creation of the best hybrid mattress, which combines the luxurious bounce and motion transfer of coil springs found in an innerspring mattress and the soft, supportive surface of a memory foam, designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Hybrid mattresses are ideal for individuals who tend to wake up every morning with joint and muscle pains, especially on the shoulder and hip area. The memory foam topper of a hybrid mattress provides an excellent comfort layer to support the body, giving the sleeper a good night’s sleep. It also promotes spinal alignment, ensuring that your spine is in its natural state.


An inflatable air mattress, also known as an airbed, is a type of mattress that uses air as the primary source of support. It is ideal for homes with small spaces because it can be deflated and be stored easily. With an electric pump, air bed mattresses are easy to inflate and deflate, and you can easily adjust the firmness level by increasing or decreasing the air. 

Airbed mattresses are perfect for relieving back pain and preventing bedsores. One of the best features of an airbed is that they provide a flat surface that ensures even weight distribution and promotes spinal alignment regardless of your sleeping position.


With many mattresses in the market to choose from nowadays, it is tricky and challenging to determine which bed is ideal for you and your home. Learning the different types of beds and listing your preferences are a few advantages you can use for an improved mattress purchasing journey. 


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