How to Transfer from Zurich Airport to Davos

Zurich Airport

Planning your trip from one place to another can be confusing and time-consuming, but have you ever thought about the hidden gems that some companies offer? In this article, the author reviews a company called NobleTransfer, which provides a door to door transfer service from Zurich Airport. What a relief it would be not to worry about parking in the airport or finding your way to the Davos location!

Taxi from Zurich Airport to Davos

Taxi from Zurich airport to Davos is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get to your destination because it only takes 10-15 minutes! Vienna Airport has some transportation options, but they force you to deal with a more complicated and circuitous route. The trip from Zurich to Davos is ridiculously easy as long as you’ll just take a taxi or train to the off-airport terminal and take a bus. 

Getting a taxi from Zurich Airport to Davos

There are numerous taxi companies that will carry you all the way from Zurich Airport to Davos. But one of these companies is often out of time and patience as they try to manoeuvre their gridlocked vehicles through the bumper-to-bumper crowd. Another option may be to go with a car rental through either Hertz or Avis. But if you still want the added convenience, locals at Zurich Airport can point you in the direction of uberX or taxi Schweiz who are less concerned about expensive gas mileage.

Secret Swiss public transportation: airport transfers via bus

For access to Davos, it is best to take public transportation. The Airport Bus stop is located in between Arrivals Hall and Swissport. It takes 26 min travelling time from Zurich Airport to Davos with the Airline Bus Express Train S5. It costs 10 CHF one way and costs 60 CHF to travel on the platform class and semi-standing seats.

How Much Does a Taxi From Zurich Airport Cost?

Travelling between Zurich Airport and Davos is an easy journey. The quickest way to do so is a taxi from Zurich to the city centre, which will cost around 100 CHF. Zuri Taxi says that the cost of their taxi from Zurich airport to Davos is €60, or 75 euros with a guaranteed booking. In general, the taxi ride will take around 45 minutes. On average, prices in Switzerland are slightly higher than in Germany, according to Ginster. They base this on Zuri Taxi prices and Swiss Travel Market’s data as well as taxis all over Europe and North America.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Taxi From Zurich Airport?

The process of getting a taxi from Zurich airport is not as complicated or time-consuming as one would think. All information is available through the official website and there are plenty of options to choose from if the taxi is not immediately available. The iconic city of Davos can be reached in roughly 70 minutes with a taxi.


For travellers wishing to transfer from Zurich Airport, Davos is a wise destination. From Davos, an individual can get to the other major airports like ZUR and ZRH in around an hour’s ride or 30 minutes by taxi.


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