The Latest Luxurious Hotels Trends: Hip or Hype?


There has been a surge in luxury hotels, mainly for the upscale clientele. These establishments provide high-end amenities with luxurious interiors to make sure guests feel at home during their stay. However, with new trends come drawbacks and inconsistencies. Which type of brand are you getting: hip or hype? Can you sleep in a hotel parking lot?

Luxury hotel chain brands, such as Marriott and Hilton, have recently seen a boost in profits because of luxury hotel trends that are on the rise. This year, many people have invested into luxurious hotels that are known for their hip interior decors and modern amenities to compete in the market now that more people have become interested in traveling within countries like China.

1. Beache, Beach and Beach

Why do guests travel on vacation? To relax. What do guests want on a beach vacation? A beach, duh! One of the most popular trends amongst luxury hotels is combining beach and hotel amenities to provide convenience for their customers.

One example is the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa in Lihue, Hawaii. Their new luxury hotel trend is to combine both of these by creating a luxurious beach experience. Guests who stay here can access all of the modern amenities while also experiencing the tranquility of being near the ocean.

2. Universal Attractions: Maximizing Entertainment During Your Stay

At present, Hollywood has taken over many people’s interest in entertainment. This has translated into more guests who visit celebrities’ houses, vacation in California and even stay at luxurious hotels.

Luxurious hotels are taking advantage of this by imitating movie sets, television shows and even amusement parks to attract guests with this appeal.

The Roosevelt Collection Hotel in Hollywood provides guests with a fun experience by replicating the extravagant Los Angeles hotel of the same name from the early 20th century. This includes setting up a jazz bar, retro-style elevator and vintage lobby area to make guests feel as if they’re actually living in this historic period.

Other luxury hotels have also taken on this trend as well. The Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Las Vegas takes its role as a former state-of-the-art television studio and covers up the hollows of the buildings with fake cactuses as well as facade replicas of popular television shows including I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas.

Besides movie sets and TV shows, hotel chains are also taking advantage of another trend: entertainment. New York’s Intercontinental Hotel is known for its live performances by different artists such as Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Jared Leto.

3. Hip Interior Design: From Studio Art to Oil Paintings

There has been a long trend where luxury hotels have provided guests with their own individualized rooms to decorate with their own personal style. These rooms often come with their own art collections, but this has been taking a turn for the trendy.

Guests are now requesting rooms that are decorated with paintings and other pieces of art to “enhance” the lifestyle they live while staying at a hotel. This trend saw earliest popularity in countries like France, where guests could request paintings by Vincent Van Gogh or Claude Monet. These requests are now made at hotels or resorts in countries such as Miami, where guests can request works including classic paintings by Dali and Picasso.

4. All Things Gourmet: Restaurants and Bars

There has been a dedicated push by many luxury hotels to have the best dining options available for their guests. They no longer only provide the average breakfast and dinner options, but also offer specialty drinks and gourmet food to make sure they are catering to all of their guests’ needs.

A recent trend that has been gaining traction amongst luxury hotels is making sure guests are satisfied with the food and drinks they order during their stay. This means that restaurants need to be gourmet in order to please every customer and guarantee satisfaction. This can be seen in the restaurants at the Travaasa Suites in Atlanta and the Royalton Hotel in New York.

Other luxury hotels have taken on other gourmet concepts to ensure their guests are satisfied. Some hotels are opening up bars and lounges that serve unique drinks such as vodka-based drinks, wine blended with honey or even live entertainment that provides piano playing that is a bit different from what guests usually experience at other bars.

5. Homes Away From Home: Computer Labs, Fitness Centers, Movie Theaters and Audio Rooms

Luxury hotels are also taking advantage of how technological times have changed for guests. They no longer need to be stuck in the room or bored while staying at a hotel. Guests are now able to use devices such as computers, tablets and even certain phone models, allowing them to browse through the internet.

The Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California has recently opened up a computer lab where guests can check into their email and surf the web without charging it to their hotel bill. Guests can also take advantage of other luxury hotels’ computer labs and stay connected while they’re away from home.

Fitness is another new trend amongst luxury hotels.


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