Hard Truths About Luxurious Hotels


Do you know what the average shower pressure is at a 5-star hotel? How about the standard room temperature? Here are some hard truths about luxurious hotels ship creek salmon viewing.

The average shower pressure at a 5-star hotel is 4.5 gallons per minute, and 50% of them have water coming out that’s 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The average room temperature of all 1500 luxury hotels in New York City is 68 degrees, and some people say that this makes them feel claustrophobic or uneasy because they’re not used to it.

1. Average Temperature of Luxury Hotels

The average temperature in the common areas of luxurious hotels is 68 degrees, which can make them feel a little oppressive. Rooms average around 70 degrees, while the bathrooms average 90 degrees.

2. Showering Temperature

Most luxury hotels have shower heads come out at or near 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s so hot that people will put shower caps on their heads to protect themselves from burns and scalds from the hot water. While there are some who enjoy soaking in an icy cold shower (the most popular beverage served at these hotels is room-temperature champagne), even those who want to take a hot shower usually won’t enjoy it more than once because of the heat in the air and water.

3. Pressure

Most luxury hotels have an average pressure of 4.5 gallons a minute (GPM). The highest pressure is 18 GPM, which is the same as being in 2nd place for the most frenzied bathing in America. The lowest pressure is 1.5 GPM, making it impossible to wash your hair before it dries out from the hair dryer .

4. Hair Dryer

The average luxury hotel room has a hair dryer placement approximately 8 feet away from the bathroom mirror, creating a formidable obstacle for anyone trying to get their shampoo and conditioner down before their hair dries out from the hairdryer.

5. Ambiance

Hotels are a refuge from the outside world, and this is why it’s a little disheartening to walk into the common areas of luxury hotels. The walls are rarely decorated, save for one-color paintings, and people are usually trying to catch up on their sleep or catch up on their newspapers.

6. Meeting Rooms

What’s worse than going through your meeting with someone and then having them ask you if they can use your restroom while looking all around the room? That’s what it’s like in meeting rooms in luxury hotels. Everyone has to use the restrooms because there are none available for use, which is completely unprofessional of them.

7. Uneven Floors

The walls are rarely painted in the common areas of luxury hotels, and the carpets are always burgundy red. Nobody knows why this is, but it’s the standard that each luxury hotel must uphold. Uneven floors were made to give an impression that nobody stays in these rooms for long periods of time, which is correct if you’re not used to staying in luxury hotels.

8. Queen-sized Beds

Queen-sized beds are used because they can fit two adults comfortably and leave enough room for them to move around without disturbing each other. When the beds are made, each side is supposed to have enough space to fit a pillow as well.

9. Walls

The walls of luxury hotels are usually covered in wallpaper because anything else would look too tacky or too cheap. It’s not uncommon for guests to have their bathrooms ripped off of the walls because they don’t like how the wallpaper feels.

10. Stairway Roofs

The top of stairway roofs are in good shape, but they’re rarely used because people wouldn’t want their rooms to be affected by rainwater leaking in from above them.

11. Air Conditioning

The air conditioning systems in luxury hotels are turned off during the summer time because they would rather use fans to keep guests cool. If you don’t like the temperature of your room, you can open the window to let air in. Sometimes this is relaxing, but it also lets out smells and noise that people aren’t used to.

12. Bathrooms

There are very strong and strange smells everywhere in luxurious hotels, but none of them are as strong as the bathroom smells. Guests have reported different odors while using bathrooms of luxury hotels, and they’ve been left with unpleasant feelings toward these rooms ever since.

13. Bars

In luxurious hotels, there are no mini bars in the rooms. The food is usually kept in the kitchen, and guests are urged to go to the bar to get drinks. This means that each room gets its own television so that guests can watch whatever they want when they’re at the bar.

14. Room Service

Room service comes with a $5 processing fee if you don’t stay to eat your food because of health concerns about how it’s prepared and stored. Sometimes you have to pay for cups of water or snacks because they come with hidden fees attached to them.

15. Bathroom Attendants

Bathroom attendants are some of the most unprofessional persons at hotel chains. They are there to provide services to their guests, and they don’t do it well at all. They store the bathrobes, but they don’t have any tissue boxes or shampoo or conditioner. In some hotels, they’ve even been known to leave guests with tissues that were once used in someone else’s room and dirty washcloths from the previous guest’s shower.


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