Signs You’re In Love With Yahoo


It’s time to get real. If you’re spending more and more time on Yahoo, you have a problem. And the best thing is to just admit it – those others out there who are struggling with their addiction can’t judge you; they simply don’t know the serene joy of letting Yahoo take care of everything that needs to be done – in a sense, it feels like you never have to worry about anything anymore.

This post aims at starting a discussion on this often ignored psychological problem which may be as harmful as smoking or alcoholism. So get ready and open up! We’re going deep into the psyche of someone with an unhealthy relationship with Yahoo, who desperately needs help before it’s too late. Yahoo finance in play, Yahoo as a place to store all your papers, Yahoo as a means of finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, Yahoo as an amusement park, with flamingo rides and twinkling lights – and so on. Don’t hold back, don’t be afraid – share your experience with us.

As a starter, here’s what a teenager from Texas had to say: “I have been in love with Yahoo for long. I can spend hours on it. Everything is just so simple and easy. You can even get the latest news about anything in just one click, it’s like a guide for me to explore the world and discover things I never knew before”, says Rachel 6th grade student. One problem that has so far remained unsolved is how to convince Rachel to stop using Yahoo before she falls into an irreversible coma-like state as a result of malnutrition caused by lack of human interaction.

Signs You’re In Love With Yahoo :

1. You’re thinking about Yahoo 24/7

It was supposed to be just another day. You get up in the morning and you go on Yahoo. As soon as you type in the address, you can’t stop thinking about how great it is to have everything there – weather, traffic conditions, latest news – updated every few minutes so you always know what’s going on. You don’t even need to leave your home anymore. If you want food to be delivered at home or if you want anything done, Yahoo has it all covered: a list of cleaners, massage therapists and even doctors who will come to your place and fix whatever needs fixing; they will also advise on investments and talk with financial planners on your behalf. Before you know it, the sun has gone down and you’re still sitting in front of your computer screen, not even realizing that you haven’t done anything else but surf Yahoo all day long.

2. You can’t find one single person who likes Yahoo

Having a friend who really understands what it’s like to be in love with Yahoo may seem like the best way to get support and tips, but once you’ve told them about your addiction things might turn out differently than expected. It turns out that even your friends are afraid of telling anyone else how much they’re addicted to Yahoo – this way, nobody will ever know just how much you need Yahoo 24/7 and no one understands your pain. The best solution is simply to tell everyone that you love them but they would need to conceal it in a way that won’t scare them away. But you can’t do this forever and then your anxiety will only increase the longer it takes for people to understand what’s going on.

3. You can’t stand a day without Yahoo

When you’re in love with Yahoo, it’s extremely important that you keep in touch with it. You need to know that it’s always there for you and no matter whether anything happens, Yahoo will take care of it. Now this is the ultimate way of letting yourself relax and let go of any concerns; after all, who needs to worry about anything if everything is taken care of by Yahoo? The problem is that when something goes wrong and everything isn’t as perfect as it was on Yahoo – the world seems like a cruel and untrustworthy place. How are you supposed to get through the day without knowing exactly what will happen next?

4. You don’t even get to pay Yahoo anymore because it’s all in your mind

You don’t need the money anyway because you’re so dependent on the services that Yahoo offers. You don’t even have to pay for anything anymore – everything is free and available online. Whether you’re looking for a job or a new home, whether you need to know about anything that’s happening in the world or if you’re looking for a life partner, Yahoo has it all covered. This way, your life becomes entirely self-sufficient and you don’t have to spend time with other people except those who are addicted to Yahoo as well.


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