Signs You Made A Great Impact On Green Energy


When you think about the future, what is it that you want to see? A planet crawling with humans that have been living off of dwindling resources for so long, their numbers dwindle and wars over sustenance break out? Or would you rather live in a world where innovation has solved the problem of finite resources of energy pyramid of tropical rainforest, everyone is happy and healthy, and the Earth is still thriving after many centuries have passed?

We all know what we want for our future. If we can try harder to leave behind a better world than we found it, then life will be worth living. It doesn’t matter if your contribution may not seem as significant as others; any effort counts.

1. You are helping reduce the impact of climate change.

Climate change is as much an issue of a changing climate as it is of increased greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gasses can build up in the atmosphere and affect the Earth’s temperature, in turn altering weather patterns and causing natural disasters. What better way to contribute to a cleaner environment than by finding ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses you produce?

2. You have made a positive impact on your local community or state.

The power of that statement can be both empowering and inspirational when you consider how individuals can be so effective at influencing their own communities, even though they may not realize it. Regardless of your vocation, you have taken an active part in improving the state of affairs in some way. Maybe there is a stretch of highway that has no litter along it, leaving it looking cleaner than its neighboring roads. Maybe you simply take out your own trash without waiting for someone else to do it for you. The things you do are all contributing, even if they are almost too trivial to notice.

3. You are doing what’s best for the future generation.

The next generation is going to be the one that inherits this world and decides how to improve it when the time comes for them to take over and assume responsibility for their home planet. You can make a difference in their lives by doing what you can to leave the planet in a better place for them to enjoy. Imagine that one day, your great-great-grandchildren may be thanking you from the future for all that you have done.

4. You are helping reshape our world into a greener and more sustainable place.

A sustainable utopia is our ultimate goal, but there is still so much work to do before we get there. If everyone contributes even the smallest amount of effort, it will add up and eventually achieve huge results when combined with the efforts of others.

5. You are going green along with everyone else.

It’s not necessarily a matter of going green alone; it’s about leading by example and proving to others that it’s best to conserve resources instead of squandering them. People automatically follow a leader, and the more people that go green, the more likely it is that the movement will continue to grow.

6. You help raise awareness about environmental issues or promote environmental consciousness in others.

The best way to fix any problem is to spread awareness about it, and the best way to spread awareness is through personal experience from someone who has lived through one of these natural disasters firsthand…or even from first-hand reports from other sources (news media outlets).

7. You know there will be a better world once our current ways of living have failed.

The future is coming and we need to prepare ourselves for it. Some of us may not live to see it, but the world will be a better place when we are no longer here to make the most of it. (I hope you do.)

8. You have worked in the environmental sector.

Whether you have a job working for an environmental organization or simply volunteer on your own time, there is something that you can do that keeps you well-informed about what’s going on in this field and helps spread awareness about all of these issues that affect every single person on our planet. 

9. You work in sustainability.

It does not need to be your full-time job, but it can provide a great deal of opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. It may be an ideal way to balance out the demands of your day-to-day life by allowing you to spend time doing what you love while still having plenty of time left over to pursue other interests.

10. You are working towards making an impact on energy conservation or finding alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we have limited resources and those resources are going to run out one day. We have to take every opportunity we have to find sustainable energy sources that are as reliable as fossil fuels without having any of the same negative impacts. 

11. You are helping improve access to renewable energy sources for others.

It’s important for people to understand the value of utilizing renewable energy and be able to afford it. By helping others obtain solar panels or wind turbines, we can help them find a way to become independent of utility companies and other corporations that are only after their money. We should never let money stand in the way of doing what is right for our future generations, regardless of how much those resources may cost today.


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