10 Tips for Acquiring Backlinks from Influential Websites


It’s no secret that backlinks are one of the most important factors in determining your site’s ranking. But Tips for Acquiring Backlinks from Influential Websites can be a tough proposition on its own, let alone acquiring them. Luckily, there are a few tricks and techniques given by The Perez Notes you can use to make 10 Tips for Acquiring Backlinks from Influential Websites easier on yourself!

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Add outgoing links in your content.

Outgoing links are good. Because they allow the reader to go directly to another website or blog post written by someone else. If Google sees that people are clicking on these outbound links and staying away longer than usual. This will be counted as a positive ranking factor when it comes time for them to do their magic with ranking pages within their search engine results pages!

Have a blog post category

Make sure all of your site’s internal/external links contain descriptive text along keywords related not only what is being linked. But also the page being linked to.

Make sure you have a blog post category/tag structure that is organized and intuitive for readers. So they can find content easily on your website. It’s worth mentioning here too that Google will give more weight to keywords within categories over those included in tags! So if you want something indexed better by search engines be sure to include it as a category rather than just tagging it with relevant words!

Author bio

Include an author bio at the end of every guest posts or articles written specifically for other people’s blogs . The author bio should contain links pointing back towards any social media profiles associated with yourself. This way anyone who wants further information about you has easy access right there without having to leave the site they are reading.

Avoid using the same post title

When you start blogging, it’s best to avoid using the same post title over and over again. This is because Google can see that as a red flag and will not rank your website as highly for those search terms. So be sure to vary up your titles each time!

Just like with keywords, if certain links are more important than others (i.e.: all internal links) then make them stand out by bolding or italicizing them. So people don’t miss it when scanning through what they’re reading .

After you write your content, it’s important to link out to relevant articles that are similar or related. This will help drive more traffic back to the website and show off just how influential you really are!

Write comment

If someone writes a comment on one of your posts, be sure to leave at least 10-20 words in return. So they don’t think their comments aren’t read by anyone . It may seem like overkill. But people love when others interact with them. So they’ll continue coming back for more if they know there is conversation happening.

When using an image within your blog post make sure you have permission from the original source first before uploading it onto WordPress. Otherwise Google can see this as spammy behavior which leads pages being de-indexed from their search engine.

Improve your site’s visibility

If you’re looking for a way to improve your site’s visibility, try asking around and see if anyone is willing to link back to the pages of your website that they find most useful . This can be done through sending out an email or using social media like Facebook and Twitter as well.

Point towards relevant resources

For those who want more traffic coming in but don’t know where it should go, make sure any links within your post are pointing towards relevant resources outside of your blog. These could include other websites with similar information. This will help people become aware of what else is available online for them as well .

When creating posts on WordPress there may come a time when you feel intimidated by how long the URLs look. It is easy to change this and just add a few more words, which will bring the link count down. Doing so can also help you come up with some creative ideas for your titles as well .

Share information

When trying to get backlinks from other sites it’s important not to overdo things at first. You’ll want them coming in slowly . But surely rather than all rushing in within the first week of your blog going live on WordPress. This way you won’t overwhelm those who choose to share information about what they find valuable online either.

Manage their comments

For anyone looking for an easier way to manage their comments or connect with others who are commenting, using Facebook or Twitter instead may be something worth considering. These social media outlets allow users to leave quick messages on the wall of your Facebook page or on Twitter without having to worry about struggling with a separate interface.

Don’t require too much work

Not only is this easier for you. But it’s also easier for visitors who are looking to leave quick messages that don’t require too much work. You’re more likely to get others involved in what they have to say. If they know things can be done quickly and easily online rather than being forced into using something difficult instead .


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