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Awards and trophies are a great way to show appreciation for your employees. They can be used as gifts at holiday times or given instead of traditional bonuses. Choosing awards for recognition may seem like a daunting task. In this blog post, we will explore some helpful tips for employee recognition awards and trophies.

Awards and trophies should fit the recipient

Some employees will appreciate a nicely crafted award, whereas others may be more interested in an item out of the ordinary. To choose awards for recognition that fit each employee’s preferences, consider asking them what they would enjoy receiving as a gift. 

Employee recognition awards can take many different forms depending on each person’s preferences and personal tastes. It is also possible to find affordable yet meaningful options if you keep looking until you find something ideal from companies selling the trophies.

Determine how much money you want to spend on each award

When determining how much money to spend on each award or trophy, consider your company’s budget and what you can offer within that price range. For example, if you don’t have a massive amount of cash but still want to give out awards and trophies, it might be wise to look into cheaper items such as plaques or other types of engraved objects instead. While some people prefer lower-cost items such as simple paperweights or mugs with their names printed on them, other workers might appreciate engraved plaques or crystal statues. 

Employees who work hard every day should receive something special from their employers. If your company does not have money set aside for traditional bonuses, consider giving a gift card or a non-cash bonus.

Awards and trophies should represent ideals of the company

To choose awards for recognition that reflect your company’s values and mission statement, you need to know what makes up the corporate culture. If their peers frequently recognize employees with food treats such as cupcakes, they might appreciate similar gifts during future holiday seasons. 

Similarly, the employee achievement awards program motivates workers to strive and realize the company goals.

Get awards that make employees feel most appreciated

You need to find out what type of recognition would make employees feel most appreciated. For example, if your company has many young and tech-savvy workers, giving them awards such as tablets or other media devices may be the best idea. 

On the contrary, older generations might prefer more traditional trophies like clock radios or pens. If an employee has won previous awards, it might be good to reward them again, even if only as something small like a desk ornament or plaque. 

However, this shouldn’t cause you to neglect other employees who don’t yet have anything on display commemorating their recent achievements.

Personalize the awards

It is also essential that you get something personalized for each employee so they know their trophy was specially made just for them. Providing custom engraving can add an extra special touch to any award or trophy. Everyone should have their personalized meaning in every reward given – don’t let anyone’s hard work unnoticed by others. Make sure everyone gets recognized equally with unique trophies. 

Having employee’s input when choosing a potential award allows them to be proactive in their work and remain enthusiastic about their job. They should feel that they are doing their work for themselves, not just for the company.

Give the trophies and awards with care

Every time you give an award or trophy to your employees, make sure that it gets done with thoughtfulness and dedication; show how much they mean to the company by doing this. When figuring out what type of award would best suit each individual, consider important factors such as age groups within your company or types of jobs completed by certain workers. 

Awards and trophies are great ways to recognize the hard work put in by employees each day. If handled correctly, they can genuinely help foster a more productive workplace environment for everyone involved.

Awards for recognizing employees should be a thank you for a job well done. Awarding employees should not be too frequent. They can show appreciation for an employee’s dedication to their work or company and their skills in performing specific tasks. Awards do not need to be expensive, but they should have meaning behind them rather than simple trinkets.


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