3 Essential Benefits of Choosing the Best Curriculum-Based Preschool for Your Kids


As of 2016, the enrollment rate of preschool children has increased dramatically. Based on information published by Singapore’s ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education), approximately 90% of Singapore’s children between the ages of 5 to 6 years old are enrolled in preschool. And the government is looking to expand both accessibility and affordability for others that need this financial help, too. Therefore, for those parents who are seeking to ensure their kids get a head start on these early educational opportunities, it is important that people are paying close attention to what is available and any associated benefits. Particularly, when it relates to choosing the best curriculum-based preschool opportunities in Singapore.

With that being said, here are 3 essential benefits of choosing the best curriculum-based preschools for your kids. 

1. Acclimates Children to Routines and Structures

Today, when parents hire a babysitter for their kids, they are normally looking for a lot more. With the latest advances in technologies, the education process can start even before children can actually talk. So, if parents really want their kids to excel and thrive in this ever-evolving educational process, the best environment to place kids in early is a curriculum-based preschool. Children in these environments are provided with the necessary structure and routines that are needed to aid them in the learning process. For example, each activity is planned in advance so that kids are able to anticipate what is expected of them next. In this manner, they can fit into their new environments easier when they are enrolled in grade 1 and above.

2. Holistic Opportunities to Learn Provided Through Play Activities

The best curriculum programs will also take into account every opportunity for kids to learn. For instance, playtime is no longer confined to activities that will not benefit their mind. Instead, playtime is structured in a manner that social interaction with other kids can be used as teaching points. For more information on how these curriculum-based programs are structured and this holistic approach, visit https://www.littleskoolhouse.com/our-curriculum/curriculum-overview With the use of good curriculum-based programs, children are taught how to interact with other kids with the appropriate social skills. For instance, kids are taught how to respect other children and adults, and use the appropriate manners, while also gaining a certain amount of confidence.

3. Instills a Love of Learning 

The way a child perceives the educational process usually lasts for a lifetime. Therefore, whenever children are taught early that learning is exciting, fun, interesting, and beneficial, they are more likely to succeed well in virtually anything that they do. This is also why the best curriculum-based preschool programs that present activities in this way are highly sought after today.


Choosing the best curriculum-based preschool programs is not a luxury but essential for kids today. These are programs that help to acclimate children to routines and structure, provide a holistic approach to play and learning settings and instill a love of learning before kids are enrolled in grade 1.


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